Invest in the Kingdom – no richer return

You can invest in the Kingdom with a purpose driven investment. Invest your funds with the Bible Society Development Fund and not only will you get competitive interest rates, you'll also help fund Bible work in New Zealand and worldwide.

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What is the Bible Society Development Fund?

The Bible Society Development (NZ) Inc. was set up in 1978 to enable Bible Society friends to support Bible mission through their savings. The Development Fund is carefully managed by Christian investment professionals. Investments held currently cover deposits by more than 125%.

In the past 35 years the Fund has provided over $5.4 million for the Bible cause, helping to provide Bibles to people without Bibles in New Zealand and throughout the world.

What is the Development Fund’s purpose?

Deposits with the Fund have a double purpose. Not only do you invest your funds at competitive rates, but by investing in the Fund, you help essential Bible work. Bible Society benefits from the surplus the Fund earns on your investment, and uses it to provide Scriptures to people. If you lend your money interest free, or at a rate lower than that offered, you will be helping the Bible cause even more!

What better purpose could there be for your investment?

Why save with the Development Fund?

With compounding interest helping to combat inflation, you’ll be investing in a future for you and your family - perhaps for your children or grand children’s education, a new car or home or just peace of mind in case of an emergency.

Whatever your personal savings or investment goals are you’ll also be investing in Gods Kingdom and helping put Bibles into the hands and hearts of people all over the world.


Prospective investors are advised that The Bible Society Development Fund, in making this offer of debt securities, is not subject to the normal offer document and independent supervisor requirements under the Securities Act 1978. This is because a general exemption from those requirements has been granted to all charities.

Accordingly, the information required to be disclosed in respect of this offer is less than the information that would normally be disclosed in a registered prospectus and an investment statement.

Also, there is no independent supervision of your money, and the normal mechanism for redress if you encounter difficulties in securing repayment of your money is not available.

The Financial Markets Authority has not examined or approved this particular offer.

The general exemption was granted on the basis that prospective investors in charities are not necessarily seeking commercial investment opportunity, but instead wish to support the charitable purpose of the charity. The particular charitable purpose of The Bible Society Development Fund is discussed in this document.

If the investment risk or return, or if repayment of your investment, is important to you, you should consider seeking financial advice before subscribing to this offer.

A list of authorised financial advisors appears on the FMA’s Internet site; under the heading "Getting Financial Advice."

Let’s talk specifics

No richer return

You can invest in building God’s Kingdom through the Bible Society Development Fund. It’s easy and rewarding. You invest your savings in the Fund which, in turn, re-invests depositors’ savings.

The difference between the interest earned by the Fund’s investments and the amount of interest paid to you helps fund Bible work in New Zealand and throughout the world.

How do I invest?

Simply print the application form and post it to us with your deposit of $100 or more (our address is on the application form). Open to New Zealand and Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents only.

What returns will I get?

Interest rates offered are set from time to time and are subject to change without notice. Interest is paid by the Fund less withholding tax at 31 March and 30 September each year and on maturity. Deposits earn interest, or not, at your discretion. Interest earned can be either added to the principal investment, or paid by cheque, or direct credited to your specified bank account. If the terms of a deposit are broken before the term specified is up, interest paid may be less than the agreed rate.

A Statement of Investment is issued on 31 March and 30 September each year. A certificate for tax purposes is issued on 31 March each year.

Are there any fees?

No, there are no account keeping fees or withdrawal charges deducted from your investment.

How do I make further deposits?

You can send in any amount at any time and it will be added to your investment.

How do I withdraw money?

Complete or partial withdrawal of term deposits can be made by completing the maturity notice you will receive, and returning it with the Certificate of Deposit.

For call deposits, simply return your Certificate of Deposit with signed instructions.

Deposits will not be repaid prior to maturity unless extenuating circumstances exist.

What are my risks?

Deposits are not guaranteed. The principal risk to depositors is the failure of The Bible Society Development (N.Z.) Inc.

In the unlikely event of the Fund being wound up, depositors’ funds would rank equally with all other creditors. There are no secured or prior liabilities apart from the Inland Revenue for witholding taxes deducted but unpaid.

What happens to my invested funds?

Deposits made with the Fund are reinvested to best advantage in a range of sound investments.

The pie chart below illustrates a typical investment spread for the Fund.


What sort of investment is this?

The securities offered are deposits with The Bible Society Development (N.Z.) Inc.

Minimum deposit: $100 (there is no maximum).
Interest payable: Six-monthly at the end of March and September and on maturity.
Investment terms: Please contact Teresa Lacsamana on (04) 550 0 828 for the terms available.

Interest Rates available

On call  
1-$5,000 1.00%
$5,000-$10,000 1.50%
$10,000+ 1.75%


Term Deposit  
1-$5,000 2.00%
$5,000-$10,000 2.00%
$10,000+ 2.00%

Effective 3rd May 2016. Interest rates subject to change without notice.

Deposits may also be at reduced rates of your choice or interest free.

Development Fund support for Bible Society

The Development Fund has supported the work of Bible Society in New Zealand and around the world since 1978.

The total amount given to Bible Society work by the Development Fund since its inception has been more than $5.4 million. Converted to Bibles, that amounts to more than 450,000 Bibles over the years. So more than 450,000 people have received their first Bible because people have invested in the Bible Society Development Fund.

Bible Society’s mission is to increase the number of people in New Zealand and worldwide who own, use, value and share the Bible with others by translating, publishing, distributing and encouraging transformative engagement with the Bible.

Bible Society New Zealand:

  • Is a member of the world fellowship of the United Bible Societies.
  • Is one of 147 Bible Societies working in 200 countries or territories.
  • Contributes to Bible translation; currently 500 translation projects worldwide, costing more than $15m per annum.
  • Contributes to worldwide distribution; in 2011: 32.2 million Bibles, 9.9 million New Testaments, 12.2 million Portions, 8.5 million New Reader portions, 308.1 million Selections, 13.3 million New Reader Selections - total Scriptures: 384.2 million.
  • Depends on the prayers and support of Christian churches and individuals. Bible Society receives no government funding nor does it seek to profit from the sale of Scripture.

Board of managers

The Board of Managers meet at least four times a year and the Annual General Meeting of the Fund is held in August in Wellington, to coincide with the National Council of Bible Society New Zealand. Investments are managed by Selwyn Tong. The board is consulted where necessary between meetings.


David McLay, Chairman, Barrister.
David Harrison, Chairman Bible Society New Zealand.

Graeme Wong, Company Director.

Ross Thompson, Company General Manager.

Francis Burdett, Chief Executive Bible Society New Zealand.

Garry Gould, Investment Advisor.


Disclosure Statement

The Bible Society Development (NZ) Inc is required by the Securities Act to provide a disclosure statement. Click here to read the disclosure statement.

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