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Bible A month Club

Two women share a Bible provided by Bible Society in Yeghengnadzor in the Vayots Dzor region in south-eastern Armenia.




Are you blessed enough to own a Bible?
Millions aren't.

You can help change this by praying, by giving and by joining Bible a Month Club.

In New Zealand it’s easy to get a Bible. But there are millions of Christians in countries where Bibles are in desperately short supply or not available at all.

Join Bible a Month Club and you’ll join Bible Society and nearly 10,000 other Kiwis committed to regular prayer and giving to help get Bibles into people’s hands and hearts all over the world.

How does it work?

Just complete the sign up form and we’ll send you your Bible a Month Club calendar featuring a different Bible needy country each month and a Bible verse for each day. Your gift each month will provide a Bible, or Bibles, in that months’ country.

You can give each month by automatic payment, internet banking, cheque, or give online We'll send more information about these options with your calendar.

Want to do more?

We’ll include a prayer bookmark for each month with your calendar (in the back pocket). Throughout the month you can pray for that country, its people, its churches and those who receive Bibles because of your gift. We’ll also send you a report each month on the featured country telling about that country’s Bible work, needs and prayer points as well as facts, figures and history.

Sign up together Bible a Month Club is a great way to support Bible work together. Join up your church, youth group, class room or home group and share in prayer and giving for a new country each month.

Not sure how much to give each month? As much as you feel the Lord leads you to give. As a guide, the average cost of a Bible, including printing and distribution, is $12. So if you choose to give a $12 gift each month you’ll be giving one Bible. Every extra $12 you give will enable one more person to have a Bible.

All gifts to Bible Society programs are tax deductible.

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What others say:

"I get a great thrill from knowing that my monthly gift is helping bring his Kingdom just that tiny bit nearer." - David

"I cannot imagine getting along without my Bible and I'm so happy that others will find the Lord Jesus and be able to grow in their knowledge and love of him." - Grace

"I've learned so much from the monthly reports, not only about Bible work in various countries, but also about the various countries themselves. It's a very interesting read and it means I can pray with sincerity and knowledge." - Kathryn

"The greatest evangelist in the world is the published word of God. The greatest method of evangelism is the distribution of Scriptures." - Billy Graham