Resources for individuals

Here's a collection of information and resources aimed to help you get a better understanding of your Bible. We hope they'll inspire and encourage you in your faith and Bible reading.

What is the Bible?

Is it one book or many? When was it written? Read some basics about the writing of the Bible and how it all fits together.
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How to read your Bible

Wondering how to read your Bible? Here's some helpful tips to help you develop a regular Bible reading habit.
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The Bible Story

The Bible can be a hard book to read, especially if you're not sure of the overall story. Read a summarised version of the Bible story, or watch The Big Picture short film to get a better understanding of how it all fits together.
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Origins of the Bible and it's translations

Read how and where the Bible originated and a brief history from the first written books through to our current English translations.
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Bible reading resources

We've got some great resources to help you develop a regular Bible reading habit and build a greater understanding of The Word.
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True Story

We’ve created a set of short films for young people that help demonstrate the relevance of the Bible to life in our contemporary culture. Actors share testimonies about common issues affecting teens which turn out to be stories of famous Biblical characters – Gideon, David, Ruth and Hannah. We’ve included printable pdfs of the full stories from the Bible.

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More helpful resources

Whether you prefer to read, watch, listen or interact, on your phone, computer, headphones or in a book, there's a huge range of resources available to help you connect with your Bible.
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Get inspiration from others

Here's a collection of videos from people who share what they love about the Bible and why they enjoy reading it. Some great and funny insights to inspire you.
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Video gallery

Choose from a collection of videos we've produced including Bible study videos, inspirational music videos and mission project clips.
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Need something else?

If there are other resources you'd find helpful, please let us know.

Need resources for your church?

We have a great range of materials and free resources created specifically for church and youth groups. Check them out