Bible resources for your phone

There are plenty of different apps available for smart phones. Ask your friends what they use or do a Google search and you’re bound to find some good ones. Here’s some examples...



A fantastic mobile resource including 41 different translations in 22 different languages. 

There are 20 different reading plans and you’re able to search the entire Bible for a word, phrase or verse.

The Bible and daily verses

There are lots of Bible apps you can download for free. You can get full Bibles in many versions including ones that are fully searchable, and even audio Bibles. And there are some great apps that will send you a daily verse which is a great way to start your day.

Just visit the ‘Market’ on your phone and search for ‘Bible’ or ‘daily verse’ and pick one you like.

E100 iPhone app

Take the E100 Bible Reading Challenge on your iPhone. The app includes all the passages in various scripture translations, the entire companion book as well as the discussion guide.
Only $2.59 from the iTunes store.

Facebook Mobile

If you can access the internet on your phone, then you can access Facebook. Visit from your phone and sign in.
Then you can check out these pages:

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Know a good one?

Obviously there’s plenty more apps available – if you’ve found one that really helps you, we’d love to hear about it – email us and let us know and we’ll include it here so others can try it too.