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Click on the links below to view a collection of videos we've produced. We hope you find them useful and inspirational.

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Feature video

True Story – Life’s answers may be closer than you think.

True Story

These videos are for anyone who has ever been afraid, heartbroken or confused. They’re for anyone who has ever been bullied, insulted or seriously mistreated, and for anyone who has ever been tempted or made a really stupid mistake. View videos.

Mission projects

Watch news reports, short films and mini documentaries about some of the mission projects Bible Society is involved in. View videos.

Bible Study resources

These great videos share some great ways to engage with and better understand your Bible. View videos.

Inspiration from others

Hear why others enjoy and love reading their Bibles, how it's changed their lives and why you should read yours too. View videos.

Music videos

Hear God's message through our music videos including music from Casting Crowns, Sean McDonald and Newsboys. View videos.

Mission Adventure

Follow our mission adventurers as they join the crew of the yacht Seahawk to help deliver Bibles to remote South Pacific Islands. View videos.

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