The Gospel on the village green

Deep within the remote, mountainous regions of Armenia are its border villages.
Many of these communities are surviving under great duress. They live under an uneasy ceasefire with neighbouring Azerbaijan.

Men from the village of Berekamavan.
Men from the village of Berekamavan.

They struggle economically and often lack basic amenities such as running water and electricity.

In its Good News for Border Villages project, Bible Society is working to bring the Bible – which is not well known in these parts– right into the heart of these communities.

It’s doing this by travelling to these remote areas and introducing the message of the Gospel to whole communities, who gather together at the centre of the village for Bible study and discussion.

In May this year Bible Society visited two such communities - Barekamavan and Koti in the Tavoush region.

As with similar visits, the villagers were enthusiastic and there was much discussion in a warm and sharing atmosphere.

A child at a village school in Barekamavan reading a Scripture portion.
A child at a village school in Barekamavan reading a Scripture portion.

Going into the village schools, which are usually in a poor state of repair, the visitors often find that children are particularly receptive.

“How do you learn here?” the visitors asked the children in a school in Barekamavan.

“We manage alright,” they replied cheerfully.

Bible Society visitors leave Scripture portions and Bible reading plans to encourage the villagers to continue reading the Living Word, after they have gone.

This article is from The Word at Work – Spring 2010.