Bibles in many languages in Tel Aviv

In Israel, Bible Society is reaching out to refugees by providing Bibles in their heart languages.

The team from the Bible Society in Israel.
The team from the Bible Society in Israel.

One afternoon the Bible Society team arrived at the old Central Bus station in southern Tel Aviv to distribute Bibles. This is an area where refugees often gather.

But whenever the team chose a place to set up their display table, they were chased away by small groups of refugees who didn’t want them there. Finally they found a spot and decided to set up the Bibles on the ground.

Suddenly the atmosphere changed again. They were surrounded by people of all nationalities and religions. The situation became difficult to control. They had to assure people that they had enough Bibles for everyone.

By the end of the afternoon, they had handed out over 800 Bibles and Scriptures in languages including Hebrew, Russian, Arabic, Amharic, French and English.

This article is from The Word at Work – New Year 2011.