Scripture support for Christchurch

In response to the Christchurch earthquake Bible Society New Zealand made two Scripture booklets available to the people of that city.

The first is a 28-page, pocket-sized booklet entitled Peace, Strength, Unity, Hope which offers scriptural encouragement for those whose life has been turned upside down. The booklet’s size makes it portable and easy to read anytime, anywhere.



12,000 copies of a second booklet, When your whole world changes, were made available through some Christchurch churches and chaplaincies. This is a 30-day devotional booklet which focuses on people who have gone through difficult and traumatic times such as the Christchurch earthquake.

When the time comes for the rebuilding of the city Bible Society will be ready to offer pew Bibles to churches which lost their Bibles during the earthquake. Some 2,000 Bibles and New Testaments have already been given out since the quake.



Bible Society staff also volunteered to assist the Salvation Army in their work for Christchurch earthquake survivors. Four staff members, (pictured), who helped for a week in March are, from left to right: Steve McRobie, Auckland South Regional Representative; Peter Dean, Waikato - Bay of Plenty - East Coast Regional Representative; Kailin Zhou, Finance Assistant; Silke Hendel, Marketing Manager.

Ms Zhou’s knowledge of three foreign languages – Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese – was especially helpful as she was able to assist earthquake survivors who speak these languages.

This article is from The Word at Work – Autumn 2011.

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