Word of God for divided Sudan

On 8 January 2011, after decades of religious and racial conflict, the people of south Sudan voted to secede from the north. On 8 July 2011 a new nation was born.

Rev Ismail Kanani, the General Secretary of the Bible Society of Sudan, and his small but dedicated team, are working to bring Bibles to all the people in their divided country to bring peace at this pivotal time in their nation’s history.

“There is a new openness towards Christianity and the Bible," says Rev Kanani. He mentions the case of a young man in his 20s who came to hear Bible discussions every day at a book fair in south Sudan – and then decided to become a Christian.

Bible Society is also providing Scriptures for people living in displacement camps in Dafur where many are turning to Christ.

This article is from The Word at Work – Autumn 2011.