Bible news in brief

Read brief news updates about Bible Society work happening in Israel, Zimbabwe, Russia and Kenya.

A Turkana woman looks at a Bible given to her by Bible Society.
A Turkana woman looks at a Bible given to her by Bible Society.


A first-ever Hebrew Cross Reference Bible has been flying off the shelves of the Jerusalem bookshop since it was published by the Bible Society of Israel last year. The new edition looks particularly at the roots of the New Testament found in the Old Testament, and will serve both Christians and Jews in Israel.


Work on the Chikunda Old Testament has begun, following the launch of the New Testament in 2009. Chikunda is a minority language spoken by around 145,000 people. It is hoped that the new translation will be available in 2015.


In north-west Russia, North Karelian speakers, who number around 30,000, received the New Testament in their own language recently. It is hoped that the New Testament will both strengthen their faith and bolster language usage, which has been in decline since the beginning of the 20th century.


Like others throughout the region, the Turkana people of north-west Kenya have been badly affected by the Horn of Africa famine. The Bible Society of Kenya travelled to central Turkana recently to bring food aid and Bibles to the people there who are facing great ongoing hardship.

This article is from The Word at Work – New Year 2012.