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Our mission is to help make the Bible accessible to everyone and encourage interaction with it

We believe the Bible is for everyone. That’s why we’re working tirelessly to make the Bible available and understood here in New Zealand and around the world. We partner with New Zealand churches, organisations and 150 Bible Societies throughout the world to bring the Bible to those that don’t have one.

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Our latest projects

The Field Guide to the Bible

The Field Guide to the Bible has been developed in response to research with young Christian Bible readers in New Zealand. Many told us that they need some help with reading the Bible, understanding the story and guidance on how to hear from God through the Bible.

The Field Guide to the Bible is a fantastic resource for new Christians, youth and young adults or Christians looking to reignite their love for the Bible.

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Rwanda – Healing the trauma of war with the Bible

Rwanda is a country in the process of rapid transformation. Its recovery from the brutal 1994 genocide that claimed one million lives is a slow, difficult and ongoing process.

Now the Bible is helping heal these deep wounds of the past with its message of hope, forgiveness and restoration. Bible Society Rwanda is helping lead the way with a project aimed at healing trauma with biblical audio material.

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New Zealand – Bible grants

Each year we give away more than 50,000 Bibles, New Testaments and Scripture portions to groups all over New Zealand.

We work closely with partner organisations and churches including Habitat for Humanity, The Interchurch Council for Hospital Chaplaincy, the New Zealand Defence Force (Navy New Testaments pictured above) and the New Zealand Police to bring the Bible to those that may never have encountered it before.

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Discover the Bible

The Bible is the world’s best-selling book of all time

It has shaped the laws and politics of many western countries and influenced language, music and art.  Today it continues to inspire many millions of Christians around the world.  But what exactly is it?

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Is it still important to New Zealanders?

Bible Society is committed to delivering quality research into New Zealand’s relationship with the Bible.  Since 2008, we have been engaging research companies such as Nielsen to help us paint a picture of how many New Zealanders read the Bible and the influence it has in their lives.

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Te Paipera Tapu – The Bible in Māori

The story of Te Paipera Tapu (The Holy Bible in Māori) began with the Rev. Samuel Marsden in Sydney.  Learn the story of how the Bible was translated and printed in Māori and why it was so popular.

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