Thousands in the middle-east receive the Bible this Christmas

Thousands of migrant workers from labour camps in Qatar attending the Festival of Peace received free Scripture in their concert Christmas gift bag!

As churches wrapped up Christmas gifts for festival attendees Bible Society included a copy of the scriptures in each gift bag.

FestivalOfPeaceWordPressPostSmlBible Society in the Gulf States (BSG) distributed 2,000 Hindi, 2,000 Nepali, 1,000 Telugu, 500 Sinhala, 1,000 Tamil and 1,000 Malayalam New Testaments to many of the 10,000 festival goers on both days.

The Festival of Peace, held in Doha, was organised by American singer, songwriter, music producer and Pastor Don Moen. continue reading →

Nuns in Iraq stay strong amidst the horrors of war

An order of Dominican nuns in Iraq, committed to living and preaching the Gospel amidst the horrors of war, are determined to stay.

“We will not leave our people. Wherever they go, we will go,” says Sister Huda who is 66 years-old. She, along with other remaining sisters, is serving 200 children, most of whom are from Mosel.

Bible Translation Work

The Dominican Nuns also partner with Bible Society Iraq to facilitate Bible Translation work. Bible Society Iraq CEO Nabil Omeish explained the two groups have been working together for 30 years on the Bahdini (Kurdish language) New Testament Bible translation and are also working on the Old Testament. continue reading →

‘The Word became… fresh’ by Sophia Sinclair – CCC

What happens when a church commits to reading the entire Bible together in a year?

By Sophia Sinclair – Christian Community Churches

We live in a place and time where the Bible is more accessible than ever—we’ve got apps, different translations, audio Bibles… yet so many of us struggle to develop a consistent reading habit and rhythm.

At the end of last year the team at Hukanui Bible Church addressed this issue by posing the challenge: Let’s read the entire Bible together in 2018. They arranged for people to buy Bibles, advertised the challenge and encouraged anyone and everyone to join in.

“Everyone had the same reading plan, about three pages of the Bible each day, covering an Old Testament reading, a New Testament reading and a Psalm or Proverb. We gave out 25 Bibles at the start, and that jumped to 50,” says elder and Pastor Gary Gilpin. “Now, I’d say we have about 60-70% of our church reading along through the Bible at the same time”.

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The Well Good News of Christmas is going, going, gone! (nearly!)

More than 80,000 copies of The Well Good News of Christmas have flown out the door in just over six weeks.

This little book has been so popular that we’re going to print some more! Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, another 20,000 copies of the free children’s book are currently being printed to meet this demand.

“It’s been a huge success with churches, partner organisations, families and individuals all keen to get their copies in the run up to Christmas,” said Stephen Opie, BSNZ Programme Director.

Churches and organisations have been able to order up to 250 copies of The Well Good News of Christmas and individuals up to five copies. continue reading →