Homeless but happy because of the Bible

This is the remarkable story of penniless, homeless war veteran, who buys a Bible from a trash can and has his life turned around.

Suddenly he discovers hope. He reads and studies the Bible daily praying to God while sitting on his piece of cardboard on the pavement. God answers his prayers and he finds a home.

Arun Sok Nhep, from United Bible Societies, takes up the story….

As I was walking across Vientiane’s market (Laos) after dinner, I noticed a man sitting on the street who appeared to be homeless. I was intrigued as he didn’t seem to be begging but was intensely reading a book and taking notes. Curious, I approached him and immediately recognized the Revised Lao Bible we published in 2012. Even more intrigued, I asked him where this Bible came from and he told me he had purchased it from someone who had found it in the trash. He has been reading it ever since. I could see the well-worn pages, the result of assiduous reading. After a chat, I gave him some money and went on my way. continue reading →

A blind man’s love for the Braille Bible

Just a few weeks ago, Pradeep walked into the Bible Society office in India and left a lasting impact on staff.

Pradeep is unable to see, hear or speak but he converses using his hands and fingers. He loves to read Scripture and uses his fingers to gently glide across the raised Braille text.

The Braille Bible in India

The Bible Society of India have been providing Braille Bibles to the country’s visually impaired community for many years. The full Braille Bible is made up of 43 large volumes and sometimes people with visual disabilities request various books of the Bible in Braille.

Pradeep’s visit to the Bible Society office

Pradeep visited the office in Bangalore. He was warmly welcomed, and quickly showed the staff how to communicate with him – by writing words on each other’s palms. Pradeep requested a computer keyboard so that he could communicate more efficiently.

He excitedly typed “I came here for the Braille Bible!”

The Bible Society staff responded by bringing him Psalms and the Gospel of Luke in Braille. However, Pradeep was hungry for more.

Pradeep typed eagerly “Do you have all 66 books? You have Psalms and Gospels, but where is Romans? I want the Braille Bible for the blind believers in my Church.”

The staff gave as many additional books of Braille Scripture they could. Pradeep was extremely grateful and asked them to send the rest of the Braille Scriptures to his pastor when they were available.

As he was leaving the office, he wrote a simple yet sentimental “B-Y-E” onto the palm of Director Samuel Thambusamy.

Many like Pradeep are hungry for God’s Word

Pradeep is not alone. Among India’s extensive population, there are many like him, waiting for the Bible in a format they can understand. The Bible Society India are working hard to meet the growing need.

Please pray for the ministry of the Bible Society of India, especially for those projects that serve the visually impaired, enabling Pradeep and others like him to engage with the Bible in a meaningful way.