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In Nigeria, your gift will bring Bibles and Bible-based trauma healing programmes to their Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).

In Rwanda, your support will reach those most vulnerable to Covid-19 with spiritual, emotional and practical support during the pandemic.

In Uganda, your donation will help supply low-cost Bibles to people in the country.

Will you help bring Bibles to people in Africa by donating below?

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Africa – The current situation

In Africa, Christianity is growing. By 2025, it’s predicted there will be 600 million Christians in Africa! And by 2060, it’s expected that six of the countries with the top ten largest Christian populations in the world will be in Africa.

The situation for Christians in Africa is very different to that of Christians in the global North.

In Africa, Christians are impacted by many issues including poverty, terrorism, conflict, displacement, food insecurity, the adverse impacts of climate change, increasing water scarcity and biodiversity and ecosystem loss.

For example, one in three Africans— 422 million people— live below the global poverty line, representing more than 70 percent of the world’s poorest people.

Africa also has the highest number of displaced people in the world – 40% of the world’s total.

In December 2018, 17.8 million people were displaced due to either violent conflict or natural disasters.

But through all of these issues Bible Societies are working to bring the hope and comfort of God’s Word to people in Africa.

Will you make a gift to help support Bible mission in Africa?

Your gift could make such a difference bringing hope and transformation into their lives.


In Nigeria, Bible Society is working to bring Bibles and Bible-based trauma healing programmes to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). According to the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC), there are currently some 2.2 million people living in Internally Displaced Person’s Camps (IDPCs) in that country.

Some of the reasons for the displacement are social unrest, inter-ethnic conflicts, and natural disasters such as floods and fires.

In Nigeria, social unrest has killed more than 20,000 people, displaced over two million, and left some 4.5 million people food-insecure since the crisis started in 2009. ¹

Millions of Nigerian Christians are also currently living in fear because of growing attacks due to ethnic conflicts, with both killings and abductions taking place. ²

For example, Eunice Amase lives with her husband and three children in a makeshift tent at Agan Camp in Benue State, Middle Belt, Nigeria. The camp is one of about 20 where IDPs live following bloody ethnic conflicts.

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Life in the camps is difficult. There is ongoing persecution against Christians and there are many other issues to contend with, such as inadequate food, shelter, clothing, and medical aid.

But under lockdown all of this has become even worse due to the fact that corporate organisations and individuals who normally support IDPs have been unable to do so.

“In this IDP camp, we have been receiving help from kind-hearted people, but Covid-19 has kept them away from us. Where will our help come from?” said one Internally Displaced Person.

That’s why the Bible Society of Nigeria is partnering with other Christian organisations to bring Bibles, Bible-based trauma healing sessions, clothing, bedding, and toiletries to Internally Displaced People in camps. It’s also providing children’s Bibles and back-to-school backpacks to school children in the camps. Will you help to support this important work?



Rwanda is a country where many are still struggling to recover from the trauma of the 1994 genocide. Now, Covid-19 is affecting people who are already deeply enmeshed in poverty and affected by trauma. The Rwandan Bible Society is reaching out to vulnerable people with spiritual, emotional and practical support during the pandemic.

Firstly, it aims to meet with church and community leaders to help them establish strategies to cope with the situation.

“Covid-19 is challenging us as church leaders. Both we, the leaders, and the parishioners are hungry. They come to us to get help and they are disappointed. They are traumatised to see their children suffering from hunger. We are experiencing extreme poverty. They are losing joy and the hope of living,” lamented Pastor Anastase Ntwarane, Chairman of Churches in Kirehe District.

Secondly, it’s training 120 facilitators who will, in turn, train volunteers in six districts to help families recover from Covid-19. Finally, it’s assisting two hundred families by providing them with Bibles and necessities such as food and soap.

Will you help to support vulnerable people who are struggling with the impact of Covid-19 in Rwanda?


In Uganda, 84% of the population identify as Christian. The majority of Ugandans live in rural areas and are dependent on subsistence farming for a living, meaning that owning a Bible is a remote and impossible dream for many.

Church leaders have asked Bible Society to provide low-cost Bibles as they are challenged to maintain congregations where young people, in particular, don’t have them. One person who received a Bible is Gabriel. Raised in a non-Christian family, Gabriel’s parents separated when he was a child after which he and his family became homeless. He began working at the age of 16.

He became a Christian after a friend invited him to church. He was given a Bible but, unfortunately, his mother wasn’t happy about him becoming a Christian and she took his Bible away from him. However, Bible Society staff met with him five kilometres away from his home to give him another Bible. “I am happy to receive another Bible. I will continue to study diligently, so that I can get to know more about my Saviour Jesus Christ,” said Gabriel.

Will you help to bring Bibles to young people like Gabriel along with the elderly, children and youth, prisoners and refugees in Uganda?

Your gift will help bring urgently needed Bibles to people in Nigeria, Uganda and Rwanda.

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