Thank you for attending our 175 anniversary event

Thank you for attending the recent celebration event of our 175th anniversary. As a Bible Society supporter, we were privileged to be celebrating this milestone with you, reflecting on the journey of the Bible and its impact in New Zealand and further abroad. We were so encouraged to hear your feedback and shared passion of Bible Mission, from everything that has been achieved over the last 175 years, to what we are currently doing to ensure the work and mission of Bible Society New Zealand remains relevant for many years to come!

If you missed parts of the presentation or wanted to share this with friends who were unable to attend, below you will find the key videos to watch and also the full presentation in two parts that we filmed at one of our early events. Although each event and location was unique, we tried to keep some elements the same, we hope you enjoy and may you again be blessed as you watch.

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175th event introduction

175th event – part 1

175th event – part 2

The early story of God in NZ

People of Bible Society NZ

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