Bake for Bibles Baker’s page

Welcome to your dedicated Baker’s page!

We’re super stoked you’ve chosen to be part of this fun and creative baking fundraiser.

From the members of the Police Christian Support Network who will receive a Bible as a result of your efforts – God bless you!

On this page you’ll find everything you need to have a fun and successful Bake for Bibles fundraising experience.

Every $9 you raise will provide the opportunity for a member of the New Zealand Police to receive their own special-edition Bible.

Your Baker’s friend

If you get stuck at any point throughout your Bake for Bibles activity, fear not, we have a dedicated staff member here to help. Just call or email Cory at the Bible Society for any assistance you require – or 0800 424 253 (ext 833)

Bake for Bibles PDF guide

This guide includes more information about the fundraiser handy, simple cookie and icing recipes and important food and hygiene information. Click here to download.

How to share photos and fundraise online

Once you’ve let your creative side go wild in the kitchen, it’s time to start fundraising by sharing your Police-themed cookies with your extended bubble online.

That could be your friends, family, church group or whoever you think might be willing to support you.

Step 1.With your smartphone camera, take a photo or two of your tasty creations.

Step 2. Open your chosen social networking app on your smartphone and add the cookie pics you’d like share.

For extended reach you could post to your Facebook or Instagram profile or for a more personal approach you could utilise Watsapp, FB messenger, Instagram DM’s, email or text messagesyou may even like to use a combination of the two?

Step 3. Write a few lines about the fundraiser and how others can sponsor you – see the prepared blurbs below if you get stuck.

Pro tip – Add #BakeForBibles when sharing your baking on Facebook and Instagram so others bakers can see them too!

Step 4. Add the dedicated link to the Baker’s fundraising page –

Step 5. Press send – easy aye?!?!

Prepared blurbs

Feel free to cut and paste (and edit) the following blurbs to add to your Police-themed cookie photos, before you send them to your extended online bubble.

As you can see, I’ve been busy in the kitchen baking Police-themed cookies as part of the Bake for Bibles fundraiser. We are raising funds for a special-edition Bible for the NZ Police Christian Support Network. If you’d like to sponsor my baking efforts with a small online pledge, that would be greatly appreciated! Just follow the link to learn more –

Why am I sharing these Police-themed cookies? Glad you asked! It’s part of the Bake for Bibles fundraiser, with the proceeds going towards a special-edition Bible for the NZ Police Christian Support Network. If you’d like to sponsor my baking with some of your own dough, head over to –

My daughters and I have been baking as part of the Bake for Bibles fundraiser to raise money for a special-edition Bible for the NZ Police Christian Support Network. We’ve baked and decorated Police-themed cookies and we had so much fun! Here’s some cookies for you to enjoy – virtually! If you like them, which we know you do, please help us raise funds by sponsoring our efforts here –

I’ve been baking police-themed cookies for the Bake for Bibles project. Check out my delicious creations! I would love for you to support me to raise money for the special-edition Bible for the Police Christian Support Network! If you’d like to make an online pledge, just click here –

Here is the link to share with your police-themed cookies.

This will direct your supporters to the fundraising page to learn more about the Bake for Bibles fundraiser and allow them to sponsor you online.

If you’d like to make your own contribution towards the special-edition Bible, just use the same link above.

Chelsea cookie shortbread recipe

Here’s an easy-to-follow shortbread recipe for you to use for your cookies. It has been selected for its yummy taste and simplicity. We’d like to thank Chelsea for giving us permission to use this recipe in Bake for Bibles (Remember you can also get the recipe in our PDF guide on page 8).

Tips for icing your cookies

After you’ve got your icing ready (get the recipe on page 10 of the Bake for Bibles PDF guide), it’s time to let your creative side go wild. If you need any tips on how to ice your cookies, check out Steve from Steve kitchen below.

The Police Christian Support Network will be judging the best decorated cookies!

Baking competitions

1. Best decorated cookies

This year, we’re having a special competition for the best Police-themed iced cookies, which will be judged by the Police Christian Support Network. To enter, simply email the photo you’d like to be judged to The final day to enter the competition is July 3.

2. Most funds raised

When your supporters make their pledge, they will add your name on the online fundraising form. At the conclusion of the campaign (July 3) we will tally up the totals and award the prize to the baker with the the most funds raised .