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Exploring one chapter of the Bible each week over the course of one year, 52 will take you on a guided journey through 28 Old Testament and 24 New Testament passages – the 52. Laid out in bright colours and a user-friendly format, each week of 52 is packed full of simple study questions, fun activities and challenges, short prayers, memory verses and lots more!


At Bible Society New Zealand, we understand that from the beginning to the end, the Bible is one BIG STORY! Sometimes this BIG STORY can seem too big, too complicated, and not relevant in our busy lives today. That’s where 52 comes in!

52 is our brand-new Bible Reading Plan designed to help all believers, young or old, to get a fresh overview of the BIG STORY of the Bible, without getting bogged down with the details.

the timeline

SO... what is covered?

The Bible plan revolves around a SIMPLIFIED timeline, that enables readers to understand the key elements, events, and stories of the Bible, without getting buried in the details! 

Each week there are selected Bible readings, a memory verse, and some interesting challenges to emphasise, or apply the scriptures, in a meaningful and practical way.

The year begins with the Creation Story – the incredible account of how God created the heavens and the earth. In Genesis 3, readers will then take a “deep dive” to examine the effects of the fall on all mankind.

Readers will examine the lifestyles of leading Bible characters – such as Abraham, Moses, Joshua, and Esther and explore the writings of the major prophets, priests, and kings.

In the New Testament studies revolve around God’s amazing plan of redemption, through the remarkable life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Bible readings taken from the four gospels, Paul’s writings, and the epistles are studied, and the Christian doctrines of communion, repentance, baptism and the Holy Spirit are also covered.

The Bible Reading Plan draws to a close, with reflections on prayer, faith & love, wisdom, suffering and the hope of a new world to come!

We believe this Bible Reading Plan is a great resource for new believers who are starting on their Christian journey and want to develop a regular Bible reading habit. It is also an effective Bible Engagement tool for believers seeking an innovative, and fresh approach to reading through key portions of the Bible in one year.

SO... what can you expect?

Each week there are selected Bible readings, activities, questions and a prayer. 
There is also a memory verse per week.

We pray that as you begin this guided journey through the Old and New Testaments, you will develop a greater understanding of the BIG STORY, glean new insights about God’s love for humanity, and draw closer to its amazing author! The 52 Bible Reading Plan is suitable for all ages and is worth sharing with those around you.

Perfect for schools, Sunday Schools, new believers and families! Join us on this epic, fun and colourful 52-week journey and get an overview of the BIG STORY of the Bible.


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How to use 52


Each week consists of a 7 readings; a reading a day, activities, questions and a prayer. There is also a memory verse per week.

Grab your Bible and read the daily passage, learn the weekly memory verse, and dig into the deeper optional passages to further discover how the Bible’s BIG STORY weaves together.
Have a go at each week’s easy challenges designed to help people of all ages put into practice what they’ve just read and make the connection that Bible Engagement involves application, not just study.
Study and note down on the journal page how God is speaking to you through the passage by using the same 3 study questions: What does this passage say about God? What does the passage say about you? Which verse stands out to you most and why?
We know that God loves it when we talk to him, so we hope these prayers will act as a springboard to propel you deeper into this wonderful aspect of our faith.