By signing up for a monthly gift you’ll be partnering with us to deliver Bibles to people in a different country – every month. You’ll be providing one Bible for every $15 you give.

As a thank you from us, each month we’ll keep you up-to-date with the miracles your gift is inspiring in lives around the world. Plus you’ll get instant access to RightNow Media, which is like the Netflix of Christian content.

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Bible a Month Regular Giving’ is perfect for anyone who believes the Bible can inspire miracles to happen in people’s lives!

Join over 2,500 other Kiwis who have committed to giving monthly to help get the Bible into the hands and hearts of people all over the world.

How does it work?

For a variety of reasons, such as war, poverty, religious suppression and political instability, many people around the world are unable to access the life-transforming message of the Bible.

It costs us $15 to bring these people a Bible – so for every $15 raised, together, we can place the Bible in the hands of those needing it most.

Your gift will enable miracles to happen – lives will be transformed. Relationships will be healed. Sins will be forgiven. Minds will find peace.

Here’s how it works in 3 simple steps:

  1. Each month we nominate a country that’s calling out for Bibles.
  2. You commit to give and pray for the Bible mission in the nominated country.
  3. Each month you’ll support a new Bible mission in a different country.

In signing up for ‘Bible a Month Regular Giving’, you’ll be setting up a monthly donation amount of your choice to Bible Society New Zealand. We hope you’ll be in a position to keep helping deliver Bibles around the world, but if not, you can cancel your gift at any time.

What your monthly gift will go towards:

BAMRG distribution

Your gift will be a treasure to more people like these:

Oleg’s story of transformation

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Meet Oleg – his life was transformed when he received a Bible as part of the Bible a Month Regular Giving programme. Keep reading to see how.

Oleg comes from a village in southern Belarus called Nebytov. In 1986 the region was badly affected by the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster. This has made it a tough place to live, with something as simple as gathering firewood from the forest made challenging because of the lingering contamination. Unfortunately, drug and alcohol problems are common in the village.  

Oleg’s story – in his own words

Problem: “I took drugs for a long time. I committed many crimes and stared death in the face often.”

Call for help: “One day I reached the end of my rope. I cried out to God, ‘Lord, please help me.'”

The intervention:  “I had many enemies in the criminal world. I held revenge in my heart for one man, who I felt had wronged me. One day he came to me begging for forgiveness. I was astonished at his change of heart. He had become a Christian!”

The invitation: “He invited me to a meeting for drug addicts. I began attending the meetings. I was given a Bible. I began to read it. I repented. God gave me the strength to start a new life. I felt God calling me to Nebytov.

The transformation: Oleg now runs a Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in Nebytov. He helps those who were in a similar situation to him overcome their addictions by engaging with the Bible.

“Bibles are vital not only for the people at the Centre but for the villagers whose lives are a constant struggle,” says Oleg.

 Many stories like Oleg’s share a similar theme.

1. They are introduced to the Bible.

2. They engage with it.

3. They repent and ask God for forgiveness.

4. Their life is transformed by His grace.

The common element in these testimonies is the role the Bible plays in facilitating His grace to work in their lives.

What you’ll receive when you join:

Free access to the world’s largest library of Bible study video resources!

When you join ‘Bible a Month Regular Giving’, you’ll get instant access to RightNow Media, which is like the Netflix of Christian content.

This online streaming service contains a comprehensive collection of faith-based video content, which includes biblical video series taught by pastors and Christian leaders like Francis Chan, Dr. Tony Evans, Jennie Allen, Matt Chandler, and more.

Get a sneak peek of the type of Christian content you’ll unlock once you’ve joined:

Plus you’ll also get:

Regular Giver’s Calendar

We’ll post you our beautifully designed annual calendar at the start of the year, which showcases the countries you’ll be supporting each month.

Video Impact Updates

Stay inspired every month with video content that showcases the Bible projects are supporting with your giving. 

Monthly Member’s Reports

You’ll receive a monthly ‘Member’s Reports’ report which will keep up-to-date with the impact your gift is having on lives around the world.

“I’ve learned so much from the monthly reports, not only about Bible work in various countries, but also about the various countries themselves. It’s a very interesting read and it means I can pray with sincerity and knowledge.” – Kathryn

“I cannot imagine getting along without my Bible and I’m so happy that others will find the Lord Jesus and be able to grow in their knowledge and love of him.” – Grace

“So faith comes from hearing, that is, hearing the Good News about Christ.” – Romans 10:17 (NIV)

Just use the secure form below to set up your monthly gift by credit card to start sowing these seeds of faith across New Zealand and around the world.

Once we receive your first donation, we’ll send you your access link to RightNow Media and post your Bible a Month Regular Giving calendar.

Give the gift that truly keeps on giving. Gift a Bible – every month.

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Why Bible Society New Zealand?

Our mission is to help make the Bible accessible to everyone and encourage interaction with it. As a Kiwi charity that is inspired by the Gospel, we do that by partnering with New Zealand churches, organisations and over 150 Bible Societies throughout the world to bring the Bible to those who don’t have one. 

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