The Bible is Hope – Bible Month: July 2022

We are living in strange times experiencing constant change, pain and disruption. Fear is being propagated in our society and we are challenged on many fronts through the pandemics, climate change, freedom, economies, to name a few. With the seeds of fear and uncertainty sown daily, we are seeing the effect on people’s faith, hope and love for one another, but especially their hope.

Bible Society NZ is committed to move our nation away from this position and mindset of fear in announcing our theme for Bible Month in July 2022:

‘The Bible is Hope!’

During this special month in July, we aim to share and encourage believers and non-believers with the Hope that we have available through the Word of God.

Once you’ve registered below, in early 2022 we will provide you with resources to help prepare you and your church for Bible Month 2022. These resources are designed to equip you to provide the message of Hope and further engage your congregation in what a biblical Hope means today.

So, join us in 2022 as we go on the journey together to reposition ourselves and our communities from fear to HOPE through exploring what God’s Word teaches us around the subject.

You can also book a Bible Society representative to come and share with your church the message of Hope for 2022! This can be done for any time during the year. To book a speaker, just click here.

We look forward to journeying with you as we together embrace the eternal Hope we have in our God.

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