Bible Society helping families in need in Chile

Jesus is being used as a role model for families and children experiencing trauma and dysfunction in Chile.

We’re partnering with the Chilean Bible Society again this year to support their Bible-based programmes, administered by teams of Christian professionals in the highly regarded Profamilia Centre in Talcahuano.

Working with families in need, the centre is renowned for its success in helping repair broken family relationships and running programmes to prevent alcohol and sexual abuse, violence, bullying and drugs.

In partnership with the police and government antinarcotics departments for eight years now, the centre’s courses, which promote Christian family values, are in constant demand.

Profamilia teams also work directly in at-risk primary and high schools running anti-bullying and cyber bullying prevention workshops for children, and dating violence prevention for teenagers. Through these workshops they promote Christian values.

“The goal we seek to fulfil is to develop ‘good people’ with Christian principles,” commented a Profamilia spokesperson.

“The results of our work are tremendously positive and recognised by the authorities, counsellors, teachers and parents.”

Just one example is eight-year old Josie (not her real name), who had severe reading problems and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). There was no help available to her and her mother sought out the Profamilia Centre. The Christian professionals at the centre focused on giving tools to Josie’s mum to help her overcome her daughter’s learning disability as well as deal with a stressful family living situation.

There was a ‘remarkable’ turnaround in Josie, which her mum attributes solely to the Christian staff at the centre.

By helping us support this project, you can help turn around hundreds more young lives in Chile. Scripture materials will also be given away in this project.

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