Our BIBLE TRANsLATION vision Is Bold

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Matthew 28:19 (NIV)


Inspired by the Great Commission, The United Bible Societies has the ambitious vision to complete 1,200 Bible Translations by 2038 which will make the Word of God accessible to 600 million People

When you make a gift towards The Bible Translation Roadmap, you will be supporting the Bible translation projects we support each year, which enable people to engage with the life-changing Word of God in their own heart language!

Bible Poverty Still Exists

Today, the Bible is available in more languages than ever before. Thanks to the efforts of Bible Societies and other Bible translation agencies, the full Bible is available in 743 languages spoken by 5.96 billion people, as of the start of 2024. Over 70% of these were translated by the United Bible Societies Fellowship, which Bible Society NZ is a member. Yet there are still over 180 million people worldwide unable to access the Word of God in their own heart language! 


of the world’s languages have no Scripture at all

A total of 3,710 languages used by 188 million people still have no Scripture at all.


of the world’s Population don't have the full Bible

1.46 billion people around the world still do not have the full Bible in their heart language.

Making the bible accessible to everyone, Everywhere

Jesus calls the global Church to make the Gospel available to people in every nation, tribe, and language on earth. The Bible Translation Roadmap is the United Bible Societies powerful response to this Great Commission. 


The Bible Translation Roadmap

In 2018, the United Bible Societies Fellowship (which Bible Society New Zealand is a member) developed a bold 20 year vision – to complete 1,200 Scripture translations by 2038. Of those, 880 are first translations, and another 320 are new or revised translations. At a cost of about $500 million USD, The Bible Translation Roadmap will open the Word of God to 600 million people worldwide – many for the first time!


Scriptures Translated


People reached with Scripture


Years to complete


Cost to complete

Join us in answering Jesus’ call by supporting The Bible Translation Roadmap so together, we can bring the Word of God to the 201 million people who still have no Scripture in their heart language!

January 2024

Progress Dashboard

Completed Translations

Translations in progress

Translations Yet To Begin

We have started the journey. Will you help us reach our destination?

LATEST First Bible Translations

A first translation is the first time that Scripture is made available in a language

First full Bible for Vietnam’s second-largest people

The Tày people are the second-largest ethnic group in Vietnam with a population of over 1.8 million. There was a great need for the Tày Bible among the Tày Christian communities who had a deep desire to learn the Word of God and share the Gospel in their heart language. The first Tày Bible, published at the end of 2022, is the answer to their prayers.

Okun speakers welcome their first Bible

Okun Bible, the fastest global translation project, was dedicated by The Bible Society of Nigeria (BSN) at The Apostolic Church Nigeria, Agirigbon, Ayetoro-Gbede in Kogi State on Thursday November 3, 2022. It took a record time of five years to complete the translation project.

First New Testament for Umbangala speakers

With the launch of their first New Testament midway through 2022, Umbangala speakers in Angola , of which there are about 400,000, are now able to read God’s Word in their language for the first time.

Experience the launch of the Umbangala New Testament

Umbangala speakers in Angola, of which there are about 400,000, are Dancing for Joy because they can now Engage with God’s Word in their own language for the first time

Making dreams come true

In 2023, United Bible Societies assisted in the completion of translations in 106 languages used by 1.25 billion people

It's a matter of Justice

God speaks to us all and hears our prayers in the languages of our hearts, not only the languages of power

Translation frees people to explore the Bible for themselves. No one should have to depend on others to interpret God’s Word for them.

Enable God to speak through more of the world's languages

Can you imagine not being able to engage with the Bible because it isn’t available in your language? Not being able to access the hope, comfort, guidance and unconditional love contained in His Word?

Unfortunately, 50% of the world’s languages still have no Scripture at all, and 1.46 billion people still don’t have the full Bible available in their own heart language.

To enable God to reach more lives with His Word in a language that speaks to them, simply make a one time or monthly gift towards The Bible Translation Roadmap today. 


Bible Translation Projects for 2024

When you give to The Bible Translation Roadmap, your gift goes towards the translation projects on the Roadmap which Bible Society NEW ZEALAND supports each year.


"So faith comes from hearing, that is, hearing the Good News about Christ." - Romans 10:17 (NIV)

Bible Translation Language Statistic

When you give to The Bible Translation Roadmap, your gift goes towards the translation projects on the Roadmap which Bible Society NEW ZEALAND supports each year.

By making a gift towards The Bible Translation Roadmap, you will be supporting the 1,200 Bible translations projects bringing the life-changing Word of God to 600 million people in their own heart language.


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