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In places such as El Salvador, the Palestinian Territories, and Guatemala children and youth are living with fear, poverty, abuse and violence. Bible Societies in these countries are endeavouring to reach out to these children with Bible-based programmes, which will help to shine the light of the Lord Jesus Christ into their lives, and bring them the comfort, hope and peace of the Bible. 


By making a gift today, you will help:

  • The Bible Society of El Salvador will distribute 10,000 “Fear Not” comics to children and establish 30 conflict resolution programmes in schools.

  • The Palestinian Bible Society reach 6,000 children through Bible festivals and to distribute 2,000 children’s portions and family Bibles.

  • The Bible Society of Guatemala to engage with 100 girls through workshops and communicate with 100 church leaders about the plight of many teenage mothers.

CHI23 testimony
Guatemalan girl holding Bible materials

Paula's journey of forgiveness

“My name is Paula, and I am 12 years old. I am in the sixth grade of elementary school.

I currently attend the “Iglesias Betel” (church) located in Mixco, (a city in south-central Guatemala).

I used to live with my mother and stepfather. He constantly abused me. As a result of the abuse, I became pregnant. At first, I was afraid of what my mum would say and how much damage it would do to her reputation, but fortunately I have only received her support and understanding.

At the beginning of this journey, it was hard for me to accept it. I did not feel prepared to suffer the physical changes. Also, one of the things that causes me the most panic is how to tell my baby about his father. When my neighbours found out, they started the corresponding legal proceedings, so the authorities could arrest my aggressor. Today, he is a fugitive from justice.

I am currently living with an aunt. I am the mother of a beautiful baby boy named Alexander who is two months old. I am grateful for the support from the Bible Society of Guatemala, for the lessons they have taught me, which has allowed me to see my baby as a gift and above all that he and I are not to blame for what happened.

The lesson that I liked the best showed me that it is important to forgive to move forward.

I had always deceived myself saying that I had already forgiven. The truth is that it is a long process which I face day by day, since the damage he caused in me was very big. Thanks to all of you who make it possible for me to get up day by day.”

Will you help us reach more girls like Paula? Your gift would make such a difference enabling us to reach vulnerable children and youth with the precious Word of God.



I would like to help bring the Hope of the Bible to children and youth in El Salvador, the Palestinian Territories, and Guatemala.

Donations of $5 or more are eligible for a tax credit. In the event that an appeal becomes oversubscribed, funds will be distributed where most needed.
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