Help Bring Bibles to the Young in Syria, El Salvador, and Eritrea.

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“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them; for the kingdom belongs to such as these.” Luke 18:16 (NIV)

Unfortunately, the children and youth living in Syria, El Salvador, and Eritrea are currently suffering under the weight of war, violence, and poverty.

In Syria, children have been caught up in a war since 2011. In El Salvador, a country known for its violence and gangs, children are living in constant fear. In Eritrea, young people are living with fear and uncertainty in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bibles are urgently needed for children and youth in these countries.

You can help place a Bible into their hands so that they can receive the message of hope and transformation? Make your gift here.


Bible misison in Syria
Children’s Scripture distribution in Syria

In Syria, an entire generation of children has been impacted by the war. Five million children have been displaced within Syria or they have become refugees.

They have been robbed of their childhoods and have borne the brunt of violence perpetrated by the warring parties. Today, 90 percent of Syrian children need additional support as an economic crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic continue to push families to the brink.

To reach out to children in Syria, Bible Society is distributing children’s Scriptures to bring them the hope of God’s Word. “Last year, many churches had to lock down during the pandemic. However, we sent out teams of volunteers all over Syria. By the grace of our Lord, we were able to cooperate with local churches to reach every child, who surprised us with their smiles of satisfaction and happiness,” said George Andrea, Head of the Bible Society of Syria.

This year, Bible Society aims to distribute 30,000 Easter and Christmas booklets, 30,000 children’s Bibles and 15,000 Scripture booklets. The books include activity books such as The Story of Jesus and The Christmas Activity Book for 5 – 8 year olds, and Bible story books such as Jesus is Calling You for 9 – 15 year olds.

Can you partner with us to support Bible mission in Syria? Your gift could provide a Bible for a child living in a conflict zone.

Scripture distribution for Children in Syria

El Salvador

Bible mission in El-Salvador
Stanley with his comic Bible

Meanwhile in El Salvador, Bible Society has persevered with Scripture distribution in the face of many challenges including the COVID-19 pandemic. It is also working in an environment which is among the most violent in the world with a very high murder rate and where gangs rule entire neighbourhoods. In fact, children as young as 12 or 13 are drawn into gangs, initiation can involve murder, and once they join their life expectancy is only five more years!* So, sadly many of them will never make it out of their teens.

“Children define their lives by one word: fear. Fear in the home, fear in the street, fear in the school,” said a UN representative during a visit to El Salvador to assess violence against children.

Yet, the country is also 86 percent Christian, with many children attending Sunday school. Therefore, Bible Society is providing children both in Sunday schools and in schools with Bible comics entitled ‘Fear Not’. These are designed to help children deal with issues such as fear, anxiety, anger, and hopelessness. The project also entails training schoolteachers to help children with conflict resolution.

Among the children who have been impacted by the project are Stanley, Diego, and Jonathan. Stanley, 13, is struggling with the loss of his grandfather. “The comic taught me to be strong and to know that Jesus is by my side,” says Stanley.

Diego, 12, misses his father and brother, who have gone to the U.S. to find work. He says the comics have helped him to be brave, to have faith and believe in God despite his circumstances. Likewise, Jonathan, 10, whose parents are divorced says the comics have helped him, whether he is happy or sad, to have faith in Jesus.

Can you partner with us to support Bible mission in El Salvador? Your gift could provide a Bible for a child living in an impoverished urban slum dominated by gangs.


Eritrea Bible mission
Young Eritrean Coptic Christians at a Christmas celebration

In Eritrea, children and young people are struggling under the weight of many issues, including poverty and the COVID-19 pandemic. The Bible Society of Eritrea is working to bring them hope by distributing Bibles to ease the current trauma they are experiencing. This year, it aims to distribute 1,500 Bibles to young people in universities, colleges, and camps. It is encouraging them to engage with the Scriptures by developing a daily Bible reading habit in order to bring the power of God’s Word into their lives.

“With this pandemic, the demand for Scriptures has greatly increased. Many more young people are really traumatised and are looking to get hope from the Bible,” said Timar Habte, Project Manager, Bible Society of Eritrea.

Can you partner with us to support Bible mission in Eritrea? Your gift could provide a Bible for a young person living with fear and uncertainty.

Bibles are urgently needed for children and youth in Syria, El Salvador, and Eritrea. By making a gift below you will help place a Bible into their hands, which will bring the message of hope and transformation to them.

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