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This year, we are supporting Bible mission in China.

Every $2 raised will supply the paper for one Bible to be printed.

Did you know that there are over one million new Christians in China each year?

The Bible plays a crucial role in nurturing their new faith, deepening their relationship with God, and enables transformation to happen in their lives.

Unfortunately, many of them can’t afford to buy their own Bible. That’s because 70% of Christians in China live in poorer rural areas.

Would you like to partner with us to bring them the hope of the Bible?

Every $2 you give will supply the paper for one Bible to be printed.

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The story of the Bible in China

Once banned, confiscated, burned and destroyed in China, today the Bible is China’s best-selling book!

Officially, the number of Christians in China is 45 million but unofficially it is 100 million with more than one million coming to faith every year!

This amazing growth has been fuelled in part by the provision of Bibles printed at the Amity Printing Press, provided with the support of faithful Bible Society supporters from around the world and in New Zealand, such as you!

Over the years, the Amity Printing Press has seen many milestones, including on the 11 November 2019 when Chinese church leaders, government leaders and international guests, including from the United Bible Societies (UBS), gathered to celebrate the printing of the 200 millionth Bible!

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Over 85 million of these Bibles have been distributed to Christians in China, including Bibles printed in ten different minority languages and in Braille. Yet, with the Church in China continuing to grow exponentially, and 70 per cent of China’s Christians living in poor, rural areas there is still a great need for Bibles!

Millions want to read the Bible and to grow in their faith. Millions need the Word of God for their faith to be nurtured. Thousands need to be trained and equipped in the Word for pastoral and teaching ministry in the Church. These Bibles are either sold at reduced prices or given away for free to believers in poorer rural areas, or to ethnic minorities living in the mountains.

Will you partner with us this year to help bring Bibles to Christians in China so bringing them the precious Word of God?

Li Yanjing’s story of transformation

“The Bible has become my precious companion and I treasure it dearly,” says 66-year-old Li Yanjing, an elder at a church in Handan city in the province of Hebei.

But Li’s life used to be different. Once hot-headed and focused on gaining the material things in life, Li suffered from a chronic nose-bleeding condition for 30 years. Desperate to see him healed, his mother turned to her religion. But when that didn’t work, she cried out to God. Miraculously, Li’s nosebleed stopped!

Li’s mother became a Christian, but Li continued putting all his energy into earning money as a taxi driver. Eventually, he was challenged to read the Bible and he was struck by the verse, “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23 NIV).

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This verse really spoke to Li about his pride and he began to see himself as someone in need of redemption, who needed Jesus in his life. Today, his life has been transformed.

He trusts God in all things. He has turned away from the pursuit of wealth and is now a much more patient person. He places Bibles in his taxi for people to take. Because of his faith, his life is on a completely different path to the one he was on 30 years ago.

Faith in the midst of persecution

“They burned seven of my Bibles,” says Madam Niu Qiulan, who is over 90-years-old. Her voice quavers as she recalls the pain and loss of her Bibles during the Cultural Revolution, a time when the authorities confiscated, banned and burnt Bibles throughout China.

Even more painful than the loss of her Bibles though was witnessing the public shaming and persecution that her father, Mr Niu Jianmin (who had studied theology at the Hebei Da’min Bible School) endured at this time.

After his theological training, Mr Niu preached fervently all over China. However, in 1966 when the Cultural Revolution began, Mr Niu quickly came to the attention of the authorities. Because he was a Christian leader, Mr Niu, then in his 70s, was often publicly tortured and humiliated in what was known as a ‘Struggle Session’.

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During one particular Struggle Session that lasted four days, Mr Niu was paraded through the streets wearing a placard identifying him as a Christian.

Throughout the session, Mr Niu had to lower his head and bend over, as if he were confessing to a great crime. To ensure he was bending properly, bricks were hung around his neck. When he was not bending over, he was forced to pick up animal and human waste and put it into a basket strapped to his back.

During those times, public Christian gatherings were banned. Believers continued to meet in secret, including a small group of people who risked their lives to meet with Mr Niu so they could continue to study the Bible. In the dead of night, they would gather in a small room at a believer’s house.

They would come at different times from different entrances, taking turns to stand watch while the meeting went on.

Taking out their hidden Bibles or whatever fragments of the Bible they possessed, they would read God’s Word in hushed voices. Mr Niu would then explain the Scriptures, quietly encouraging and reassuring these believers with the Word of God.

When the meeting was over, the one who stood guard would make sure it was safe before everyone left.

When they were caught at such meetings, Mr Niu had to endure even harsher Struggle Sessions, before being confined to ‘the cowshed’, a place used to imprison enemies of the state. As a Christian leader, Mr Niu was called a ‘cow demon’ and a ‘snake spirit’.

Throughout all of this, Madam Niu could only watch her father suffer helplessly. People would lash out at her with their hatred, mocking her for believing in a foreign religion. Silently, she would pray and ask for comfort and strength.

Yet, despite facing persecution Madam Niu trusted in God’s love for her and clung on to the promises of the Word.

After the Cultural Revolution ended in 1977, Madam Niu started a church with about 40 people, which today has a regular congregation of 200. Today, Madam Niu is blessed to live with five generations of her family, many of whom are serving the Lord, including a great-grandson who recently completed his Bible school training.

I hid my New Testament in a pig sty

During the Cultural Revolution, Long Qinmei kept her Miao-language New Testament inside a box. When the authorities raided her house, she hid it in a pig sty. When she refused to give them the names of her church’s leaders, she was given a seven-year prison sentence.

“By God’s grace, the sentence was reduced to nine months,” says Long, who is 86-years-old and still full of stamina. “I was so happy to recover my New
Testament from the pig sty after I was released,” recalls Long.

Granny Long, as she is known, was born into a Christian family. Her grandfather was an elder in the church and her father was a preacher. “My father left a huge impact on my life,” says Long. “Despite suffering from arthritis, he would use a crutch for support to climb up a hill at 5.00 am to pray before our Sunday services,” she shares.

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At 6.00 am every morning, Granny Long takes time to pray, read and meditate on the Word. Despite having only grade four education, she reads both Miao and Chinese. She gets invited to many Miao churches to preach and do home visits.

When Long was given a full Bible in the Miao language this year, she was full of gratitude.

“Because of your love offering, many living in poverty can access the Bible and benefit from God’s Word,” said Long.

You can help bring Bibles to China by donating below:

Millions want to read the Bible and to grow in their faith. Millions need the Word of God for their faith to be nurtured. Thousands need to be trained and equipped in the Word for pastoral and teaching ministry in the Church.

Every $2 you donate will supply the paper for one Bible to be printed.

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