Large-print Bible renews love of the Bible for Chinese Christian!

Madam Zhang Xiuyin became a Christian in 1997 through reading the Bible.  However, since then her eyesight has deteriorated to the point where she can hardly read a standard-sized Bible.  That is why she was so happy to receive a large-print Bible distributed through her church recently, with the support of the United Bible Societies (UBS) and generous supporters like you. 

“I was very excited and touched when I received the large-print Bible.  The larger font size is much clearer, and I am able to read it with much more ease now.  Ever since I received this Bible, my love for the Bible has been renewed!  I read a passage from the Scriptures every day,” said Madam Zhang.

Speaking of her younger days when she was raising a family, Madam Zhang said, “ My husband and I did not have the wisdom to parent our children well.  We used to scold them and hit them to discipline them.  After coming to faith, I was convinced of my shortcomings as a parent.  We adults were bitter because of our circumstances and our negative attitudes and responses caused a lot of harm to our children and the whole family,” said Madam Zhang, who is now convinced of the importance of bringing up children in God’s love based on his Word.

These days, she and her husband are the main caregivers for their three grandchildren, whose parents work in the city and only return once every two to three weeks.

Every day, Madam Zhang prays with them and reads the Bible to them.  ‘When we pray before mealtimes, the kids shout ‘Amen’!  They also bring me the Bible and request, ‘Grandma, read the Bible to me!’  Madam Zhang is truly delighted that her grandchildren have grown so fond of reading the Bible.

“I am grateful for these gifts from my Christian brothers and sisters,” said Madam Zhang.

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