Bible Month – Church Leaders

Welcome to Bible Month 2020

We’re excited to have you join us in celebrating Bible Month this year, as we continue to raise up what is at the heart of Christian life and service – the Bible!

With this year’s Bible Month theme of ‘engaging with the Bible together’, we trust that the resources below will help your church to do that.

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Share the Good News

To make it easy for your church members to get their free copy of the Kiwi audio Gospel of Luke and study guide, we’ve created a dedicated page just for them.

They will also get access to our other free resources and the savings at our Manna Christian Stores too.

Just share this link with them online so that they can download them for free:

Support the Mission

This year we’ve developed a number of great online that are free for you and your church to ‘Engage with the Bible together’.

As we continue to help make the Bible accessible to everyone and encourage interaction with it, would you consider giving a gift this Bible Month towards helping sustain the operational costs of our mission adversely affected by COVID19?

Your gift will enable us to continue our work of Bible Mission both here in New Zealand and overseas?’ Click here to make your gift.

Bible discounts

To celebrate Bible Month, we also have somegreat savings for you throughout July at our Manna Christian Stores too. See the specials here.

Contact us

We’re here to help, so if you’d like to speak to someone about Bible Month, just call us on (09) 257-0088 or email Steve on

Your church leader’s resources

Just click on the relevant resource below you access them.

Gospel of Luke resources:

Audio Gospel Study guide Sermon notes Quiz 

More resources to help your church engage with the Bible together:

RightNow MEDIA Inspirational videos Bible 2020 app LYFE resources Maori Bible app Book a speaker 

Your complimentary Gospel of Luke resources

Kiwi audio Gospel of Luke

Taken from our bestselling Kiwi audio Bible, the Gospel of Luke will allow you to engage with the life of Jesus in its original oral format. Tap play on the video to have a quick listen before you download the full Gospel for free below.

MP3 Download (103MB) – Zip file

Note: The downloaded folder will need to be unzipped (uncompressed) in order for you to listen to the audio (learn more).

If you’d like to get the full Kiwi audio Bible, you can purchase it from our online Manna Christian store here (all the proceeds from the sale of the Kiwi audio Bible go towards supporting Bible mission in New Zealand and around the world).

Gospel of Luke – Study guide

This 8-week study guide is a perfect accompaniment to the full audio Gospel above.  It has been designed to help you facilitate your church members to dive deeper into the life and message of Jesus. 

Here’s how:

    1. Imagination meditations – each week there are reflection sections where your group will be guided to picture themselves in important scenes from the Gospel. 
    2. Chapter summaries – These will help your audience understand the themes of each chapter and how they fit into the overall structure of the Gospel.  
    3. Group discussion points – These sections will help kick start conversations in a group so you can hear God together.
    4. Reflection time – Each week your group will be challenged to think about how to take what they’ve been learning and put it into practice.

Sermon Notes – Engaging with Scripture in our lives

Download your Bible Month Sermon Notes below and explore Jesus’ relationship to Scripture in the Gospel of Luke with your church group.

Luke’s story of the life of Jesus shows how Jesus engaged with his own Scripture, which we call the Old Testament, in very specific ways. But it also helps us to link our own story into this and to claim the Scripture for ourselves.  The Sermon Notes provided here help unpack some of these ways.  You can use this as an entire sermon (it takes about 12 minutes), or as the core of a more developed message, or just mine it for ideas for your own sermon.

PowerPoint Quiz

This PowerPoint Quiz has a particular focus on Christ’s birth and stories of His ministry on earth – a ministry that we are all called to continue to this day. Use this quiz as a fun activity and as a way to encourage your church group to engage with the audio Gospel of Luke and study guide.

Other resources you may like?

We’re excited to announce that we’ve secured free access for you to the world’s largest library of Bible study video resources – RightNow MEDIA.

RightNow MEDIA is like the ‘Netflix of Video Bible Studies’ that you can access whenever you want, wherever you are! It is compatible with all devices – even chromecast on your smart TV!

The RightNow MEDIA online streaming service contains a comprehensive collection of faith-based video content, which includes biblical video series taught by pastors and Christian leaders like Francis Chan, Dr. Tony Evans, Jennie Allen, Matt Chandler, and more.

Bible Month channel on RightNow MEDIA

Once you join through the link below, you’ll also access our Bible Month channel on RightNow Media. This contains carefully selected content (click the tabs to watch the trailers) to help you lead your church more effectively, improve your sermons, run Bible study groups more skillfully, and dig deeper into the Bible and the Gospel of Luke.

Trailers from RightNow MEDIA series you’ll have access to:

Preparing Expository Sermons

6 Tips For A Great Small Group

Bible Unearthed

Sticky Teams

Start your free 90-day trial

Just click our invite link below, fill in your details on the RightNow Media registration page and then start streaming from your choice of the 20,000 biblically-based resources on the platform.

Inspirational videos of everyday Kiwis for whom the Bible has had a life-changing impact.

If you would like to show these videos to your church, just click the button below each video and then select the file size you want to download from Vimeo.

Words of power - Dave's story

Words of power - Ate's story

Words of protection - Mark's story

Words of peace - Dinn's story

Words of transformation - Duwain's story

Words of hope - Chris' story

Words of inspiration - Lyall's story

Words of truth - Jeannie's story

Words of comfort - Emma's story


Bible 2020 app – the world’s largest Bible reading campaign!

This smart phone app delivers a Scripture reading each day of the year in 2020. The app also allows you to watch other Christians around the world read the daily verse in their heart language; you can share your own recording to the video wall too!

Make it private for your church:

You can create your own private group and invite your church members to join it – making it the perfect way to create your own online community that speaks the words of the Bible together.

Download the free app here.

LYFE – Free online Bible resource

LYFE will help you lead your church members to discover a deeper relationship with God.

Based around six key spiritual formation themes including prayer, social justice and the Bible, the sessions are easy to lead and highly relational.

LYFE is online-based and is completely free. Join here.

Te Paipera Tapu (the Holy Bible in Māori) App

The free app features the very latest edition of Te Paipera Tapu (not available on any other app or website) which was reformatted to include macrons in 2012. 

As well as being able to be used offline, the app features seven English translations. This makes it great for second language learners of Māori, who can compare the same passage in Māori and English.

Download the free Te Paipera Tapu app here.

Book a speaker

Would you like someone from Bible Society to come to your church and encourage people to read the Bible and share more about our global Bible mission?

Just click the tab below, fill in the form, and we’ll do our best to make someone available for you based on your location.

Book a speaker

This year we’ve developed a number of great online resources that are free for you and your church to ‘Engage with the Bible together’.

As we continue to help make the Bible accessible to everyone and encourage interaction with it, would you consider giving a gift this Bible Month towards helping sustain the operational costs of our mission adversely affected by COVID19?

Your gift will enable us to continue our work of Bible Mission both here in New Zealand and overseas?’

To donate, just fill in the secure form below.

Donations of $5 or more are eligible for a tax credit.