The Bible: Good for Life

When we read the Bible, something amazing can happen!

We can be transformed.

This is what Good for Life is all about.  It’s about equipping you with the tools you need to dig deeper into the Bible so that you can experience that transformation.

Below you’ll find the Good for Life resources available to you.  But first, check out these inspirational videos of everyday Kiwis for whom the Bible has

Words of Peace - Dinn's story

Words of transformation - Duwain's story

Words of wisdom - Sadie's story

Words of hope - Chris' story

Words of inspiration - Lyall's story


We have three of our videos available with English subtitles – Dinn’s story, Lyall’s story and Duwain’s story.  We also have Dinn’s story available with Korean subtitles. Click the link below to visit our Youtube channel page to see these versions.

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What better way to encourage regular Bible reading than to take a challenge together? The Six Month Bible Challenge will see your church reading through the entire New Testament in six months. There are individual reading plans available for kids, youth and adults (each with the same readings). The reading plans are sold in packs of 20 for just $5 plus shipping.

Visit the Bible challenge page


There are four different small group Bible studies available for free download. These include a study through the Gospel of Luke for youth, plus some fresh and creative new studies through Exodus, 1 Timothy and the Parables in Matthew. These are all available as pdf documents and there are some explanatory notes to help you.

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Our newest publication – The Big Little Bible – is designed to help parents share the Bible with young readers. This book features beautiful illustrations by a Wellington artist and discussion questions for adults to help kids engage with the stories. The Big Little Bible is also available as a mobile app for Apple and Android devices.

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Want to make the message stick in your church? Then get one (or all three!) of these giant A1 sized posters. There are three to choose from and will not go unnoticed on any church wall! These posters are $6 each (plus shipping) and are a great reminder to others of the importance the Bible should have in their faith journey.

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One great way to understand the Bible is to learn the overarching story of the Bible. Believe it or not, all of the books in the Bible tell one story – the story of God’s relationship with the masterpiece of his creation – us humans. This short summary of the entire Bible shows how that story unfolds and leads to the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the formation and spread of his church.

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Do you sometimes find the language of your Bible strange and difficult to understand? A different translation will probably help. There are many English translations available – in fact Bible Society stocks 25 different ones. Compare some of the most popular editions to see which one will suit you best.

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July is Bible Month – a great time to help uphold the importance of the Bible in your church. We’ve got sermon notes available along with some children’s ministry resources available for free download. Encourage your church leaders to stick up a poster, watch a video or even dedicate a whole service to the Bible – Bible Month is flexible and designed to cater for different approaches.

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Tell us your Bible story…

“The Bible has always been the central focal point of my life. I have worn out a number of copies… I don’t even know how many, most of them been given away. When I was 11 years old I committed my life to Jesus and from that day decided to daily read the scriptures. I cannot imagine my life without having the scriptures through all the different seasons of life. It truly is food for the soul.”   Heather
Has the Bible impacted your life? We love hearing how reading or listening to the Bible has impacted and transformed people. Tell us your story using the form below.