The Bible Reading Challenge

Challenge yourself, and your church – read through the New Testament in six months!

What better way to encourage regular Bible reading than to take a challenge together?  The Six Month Bible Challenge will see your church reading through the entire New Testament in six months.  There are individual reading plans available for kids, youth and adults (each with the same readings). The reading plans are sold in packs of 20 for just $5 plus shipping.

Here’s an easy way to read through the entire New Testament in short daily readings – just one or two chapters a day, for 182 days. This is a great opportunity to deepen your relationship with God through daily Bible reading.

If you’d like to, at the end of the challenge you can fill in the form below and we’ll send you a completion certificate.

To order your packs of six month reading plans, email us or call 0800 424 253.

A Nelson Anglican Church gets creative with the challenge!

Brightwater Community Anglican Church in Nelson (pictured right) is using social media to build a community around the Six Month Bible Reading Challenge.  They’ve created a facebook Messenger group and send out each day’s scripture reading in the mornings.  Rev. Martin Harrison says, “Once they have read it they can make a 1 to 5 word comment about the reading. Some have used emoji or stickers in response. Everyone gets to see the responses and this encourages engagement.”

Brightwater Community Anglican has been doing this for a month, and Rev. Harrison says it’s led to some great discussions.

Completion Certificate

Have you finished the six month Bible reading challenge?  Fancy a flash certificate? Just fill in this form and we’ll send one to you.  (This service is only available to New Zealand residents).

If you’re a church leader, and have a list of people who have completed the challenge together, you can email us the list and we’ll send you the certificates all together.

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Which Bible Reading Challenge might you be interested in doing next?

Try these tips to help you with the Six Month Bible Reading Challenge

PRAY – ask God to help you understand what you’re about to read.

READ AND LISTEN – read the passage slowly and carefully. Think about the parts that stand out for you. Read those verses again.

THINK / REFLECT – ask yourself some questions:
• What’s the main point of the passage?
• What does it say about God? Does it say anything about
what God wants for me?
• Is there something I need to learn? Is there an example to follow, or a warning? Is God giving me a promise?
• How does God want me to respond in my thoughts, words and actions?

WRITE / JOURNAL – it’s also good to write down your thoughts and the verses that really stood out for you in a journal so you can look back on what you’ve learned.

PRAISE – thank God for his Word and what you’ve learned today. If you find your Bible hard to understand, have a look at some advice on finding an easier to read Bible.