Small group Bible studies

Creative studies to help you dig deeper into the Bible together

It’s important to read the Bible in community. Reading together helps us understand the text and hear from God. Reading in a community such as a Bible study group can also challenge us as we hear different perspectives.

These studies have been prepared with small groups in mind. They’re all available for free.

1 Timothy

We first meet Timothy in Acts 16, where we are told Timothy is a disciple, whose mother was a believer. The believers in the area spoke well of Timothy, and Paul took Timothy along on the on-going mission of preaching the Gospel and planting and strengthening churches. The letters of 1 & 2 Timothy reveal a strong relationship, in which Paul has trained and encouraged Timothy in church leadership, and in particular in preaching and teaching.

This study uses the Manuscript method. Using a Bible passage printed out on paper, the passage is read and observations marked with coloured pens. The aim is to read the Bible for ourselves and hear God speak through his word. Manuscript does not assume Bible knowledge but instead gives everyone an opportunity to read the Biblical text and share and apply what they have learned.

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The Book of Exodus tells how God rescues his people Israel from slavery in Egypt. At the end of the book of Genesis, Jacob’s family had come to Egypt at the invitation of Joseph, one of Jacob’s sons, who had risen to prominence in Egypt. At the beginning of Exodus, we discover that the descendants of the family of Jacob have become a nation. But having arrived in Egypt as free people, the opening chapter of Exodus describes how the Israelites are enslaved by the Egyptians.

This study of Exodus uses the Conversations study method.  Conversations seeks to encourage people to actively engage with the Bible and apply it to life. The questions are designed to stimulate conversation within groups where people may have varying backgrounds and knowledge of the Bible. All of the questions are ‘open’ questions which don’t presume an answer but instead invite people to reflect personally on the text.

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Jesus’ parables from Matthew

The Gospel of Matthew contains a large number of parables told by Jesus – stories with a hidden meaning. It seems that Jesus’ intention is to make people who hear parables work and search for the answer. These are stories that will only yield their true meaning as we take time to think through what Jesus is saying. All of the parables in Matthew are told to explain the same thing: the kingdom of heaven.

This study of Matthew uses the Talk the Word method. Talk the Word follows a process of listening to a few verses then retelling them to each other. This is followed by a series of open questions about the passage, leading to a deeper understanding of God’s Word. Talk the Word is an ideal method to engage with parables because the story is heard and spoken multiple times, enabling people to listen carefully to God’s Word and discover for themselves what Jesus is saying.

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The Gospel of Luke – a study for youth

Don’t just read it… put yourself in the story! This study of the Gospel of Luke is designed to engage young people through creative exercises such as imagining themselves in the story. This study also includes summaries of every chapter of Luke and discussion questions for small groups to chew over Luke’s compelling story of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

This study pairs perfectly with Bible Society’s Easter Camp 2017 Gospel of Luke.

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Simple, yet profound, the LYFE small group resource series will help you discover a deeper life with God. LYFE is based around six key themes including prayer, social justice and the Bible. The sessions are easy to lead and highly relational. They’re suitable for people at any stage of their faith journey.

Each session includes video interviews and invites reflection on a passage from the Bible, plus the opportunity to experience a spiritual practice.

Completed an Alpha Course or Christianity Explored course and wondering what to do next? LYFE is perfect for all small groups, from home groups and Bible study groups to those that meet in pubs or cafés. LYFE is available now so make sure you check it out!

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