Free Easter resources 2021

We’re excited to offer ‘The Seriously Surprising Story’ to help the children in your organisation learn more about Jesus this Easter!

There’s also the opportunity for you to claim free lifetime access to RightNow MEDIA – the world’s largest’s video library of Christian content.

Thanks for partnering with us to help make the Bible accessible to everyone and encouraging interaction with it. 

The Seriously Surprising Story – Free booklet


We’d like to offer you the opportunity to share the story of Jesus with the younger generation through ‘The Seriously Surprising Story’ booklet.

The Seriously Surprising Story draws children into the biblical story of Easter as they follow in the footsteps of Jesus’ followers on the road to Emmaus. There they encounter a stranger, and talk to him about the things that have happened in Jerusalem. Just as the disciples were surprised, so children will be too, when they learn the stranger is Jesus himself!

In 2019, with the help of our generous supporters, we distributed over 60,000 copies of this booklet to children across New Zealand and this year we have more copies available for your church!

Just use the form below to make your order and then we’ll send you your free copies in time for Easter.


See the PDF version of the printed booklet you will be ordering here.

“It’s a lovely little book. It’s warm, it’s happy, it’s the Good News! The Seriously Surprising Story is the account of Easter told backwards from Emmaus so that Jesus’ crucifixion is in the context of the resurrection. The positive message, with the rhythmic text and lively illustrations, make it a perfect book for young children. It’s also good news for the child in adults like me.”

Joy Cowley, New Zealand children’s author

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Play The Seriously Surprising Story in your Church

We also have an animated video of The Seriously Surprising Story for you to download and play in your children this Easter too!

To download this video, right click on the button below and choose “Save link as” from the options. The choose the location you’d like to download the video on your device.

Video size is approx. 95 MB

RightNow Media – Free lifetime access

Have you heard of RightNow Media? RightNow Media is like the Netflix of Christian content. With over 20,000 videos, they are the world’s largest library of Bible study video resources!

There’s over 2,000 videos just for children too!

As friend of Bible Society NZ, we’d like to offer you free lifetime access to the RightNow Media platform just in time for Easter!

Then you’ll be able to enjoy video series like the one on Easter by Pastor J.D. Greear below.

To get started, just fill in the form below, and then we’ll send you the instructions to create your own RightNow Media account.

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