Gearing up for 175!

I was fortunate enough to attend the American Bible Society’s 200th anniversary celebrations in 2016.

This was a huge event held at the top of the ‘Rocky steps’ in Philadelphia. Later that week, I was given this magnificent gift – a copy of the entire New Testament on a single sheet of paper. And yes, the font is small!

It’s incredible to glance at the whole New Testament at once – every word, every phrase, all the red letters. It reminds me that the Bible is one entire story. For many Christians, the Bible can sometimes seem like a jumbled puzzle. Over the past decade, we’ve been developing and distributing resources, particularly aimed at a post-modern generation, that outline the whole story all at once. For many, this helps make sense of a long and complex book that many often only hear a snippet of at church on Sunday.

As part of our 175th anniversary celebrations, we’re going to bring some interesting Bibles and interactive displays on our road trip. And yes, we’ll bring this amazing New Testament along with us. We might even give you a magnifying glass so you can read it! Come see it at a town near you!

Stephen Opie
175 Project Lead

Stephen (left) and Jonathan, from our 175 planning team, hold up the entire New Testament on one single sheet of paper.

Want to learn more about our 175th anniversary and how you can celebrate it with us? Click here.

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