Bake for Bibles

Do you love to bake?

Then we need you to help us test a new pilot fundraising project!

We need bakers like you to bake and ice animal-shaped cookies which you can then sell to your family, friends and church to raise funds for Bible mission. The project has a Noah’s ark theme. We’ll provide you with a shortbread recipe, four animal-shaped cookie cutters, cookie packets and a Noah’s ark-themed presentation box. All you need to provide is the ingredients and your talent! You can get your children involved and send us in your photos of your iced cookies.

We’re piloting this project, so we need your help to give us feedback. We’ll launch Bake for Bibles fully in 2018.

Like all charities, we’re constantly looking for new ways of raising funds, as well as engaging new and existing supporters with the mission.

We hope that this fundraiser will appeal to young and old alike, creating new opportunities for participation in the mission and Bible engagement. Long-term, we see the project growing to involve many families, Sunday schools and Christians from all around the country.

What will the funds go towards?

All funds raised will go towards New Zealand and international Bible work.

When and how

To take part in Bake for Bibles, you’ll need to contribute:

  • your time and creative talents
  • the ingredients
  • your networks for selling
  • photos of your finished creations
  • and most importantly of all, your feedback

We’ll send you a welcome pack with all instructions plus the recipe. The pack will also include four animal-shaped cookie cutters, cookie packets and a Noah’s ark-themed presentation box.

The recipe

The recipe we’re using is an easy shortbread recipe.  The recipe was chosen because of its universal appeal and relatively simple ingredients.  While you may have shortbread recipes of your own, please use this one as, again, it’s part of the trial.  You can provide feedback on how it worked for you.

We’d like to thank Chelsea for giving us permission to use this recipe in Bake for Bibles. You can check out the recipe here.

Getting the kids involved

You can get the kids involved at every stage of this project.  Whether helping you in the kitchen baking and icing or helping sell the cookies at church, there are plenty of opportunities for the children to take part. As well, we’ll send you a special presentation box for the cookies to go in which the children can colour-in beforehand.

Register to take part

To join our Bake for Bibles team, all you need to do is fill in the form below and one of our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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