Kids Fundraising Packs

China continues to be a country that needs our prayers and support.

It wasn’t that long ago that Bibles weren’t allowed in China. But in 1987 a miracle happened – a Bible printing press was built – IN CHINA!

With the support of the United Bible Societies who supply and fund Bible paper, Amity Printing Press has been able to print and distribute more than 70 million copies of the Bible in mainland China. But many people in China still cannot afford to buy a Bible and there continues to be a great need and demand for Bibles.

Chinese Church leaders are appealing for more funding of the Bible paper. Bible Society New Zealand continues to support this project by funding paper for Bibles ($2 per Bible). This means the cost of a Bible is halved, ensuring the continued provision of affordable Bibles for China.

When you take a kid’s fundraising pack you’ll be helping children learn about the amazing and important work Bible Society does in China. You’ll also be helping your children realise that God not only loves them, but he loves the world and needs their help to share his love with others.

How it works

Each free fundraising pack includes information, posters and stories to help your kids understand more about the need for Bibles in China.

There is a fun ‘Great Wall of China’ progress chart to keep track of how many Bibles you’re providing.

Every $2 raised, helps fund the paper for one Chinese Bible. Each child will also receive a 3D Chinese house to make. There is a registration form to complete and send/email to us so that we can assign your children’s class/group with a supporter ID and donation options.

You may decide to make this an ongoing project for the year or hold a one-off fundraising event. The pack includes plenty of great fundraising ideas!

For more information contact Jeremy Woods, Mission Partner – Youth and Young Adults Ministries or fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.


It all started with just one Bible!

Three people with one Bible began meeting in 1977. Today it has grown into the Jiao Zi Ja Church with 270 members, plus three other small churches in neighbouring villages. Qin Xiaoping, 14 at the time, was one of those founding members and the only one who could read.

“My mother had hidden away a Bible the Red Guards could not find during the Cultural Revolution.”

There it lay for ten years until discovered when Xiaoping was ten. This single Bible became the seed for the new church today. Reaching people like Xiaoping with the Bible is our passion.

Xiaoping, now 51, said, “I am very grateful for the Bible. For in the Bible I experience God’s love.”