Make your gift with a Bank transfer

You can donate to us directly using Internet Banking.

  • Please use the bank account information below.
  • You can find a full list of our appeal codes beneath our bank details.
  • When making you gift via Internet Banking, please fill in the form below the appeal codes so we can identify your gift and issue you a tax receipt – alternatively, please email your information to
  • If you do not know your Supporter Number, please get in touch by calling us on 0800 424 253 or email us at
  • Bank - Westpac
  • Account Number - 03 0558 0245656 02
  • Account Name - Bible Society in NZ (Inc)
  • Particulars - Appeal Code (e.g. UKR22)
  • Code - Supporter Number (if known)
  • Reference - 'Your Name'

Appeal Codes

See the full list of our appeal codes below To Enter in the Particulars Field

  • BAMRG (Bible a Month Regular Giving)
  • NZ2023 (New Zealand, March 2023)
  • EURO23 (Ukraine and Armenia, February 2023)
  • QUAKE23 (Emergency Earthquake Appeal - Turkey)
  • CHI23 (Bibles for Children and Youth, January 2023)
  • REFURB (Auckland office refurbishment)
  • TRAN22 (Bible Translation, November 2022)
  • CHRI22 (The Impossible Promise, October 2022)
  • CP2022 (Support struggling Bible Societies, September 2022)
  • WOM22 (Bibles for Women, August 2022)
  • BRA22 (Bibles for the Blind and Illiteriate, July 2022)
  • BD22 (Bible Distribution, June 2022)
  • CHI22 (Bible for Children, May 2022)
  • CHINA22 (Bibles for China, April 2022)
  • NZ2022 (Bibles for NZ, March 2022)
  • UKR22 (Bibles for Ukraine, March 2022)
  • PC22 (The Persecuted Church, February 2022)
  • REF22 (Bibles for vulnerable people, January 2022)

When Making your GIFT VIA INTERNET BANKING, Please Fill in this Form.

It will enable us to send you an acknowledgment of your gift.