Kiwi kids find out what Christmas is really all about

This Christmas thanks to our amazing supporters we’re giving away for free 85,000 copies of the Bible Story of Christmas.

The Well Good News of Christmas is a fun and colourful booklet for parents and grandparents to help them pass on the Bible story of Christmas.

Last year, this little book was a run-away success with 3,000 copies flying out the door. Following on its heels was The Super Cool Story of Jesus, with 84,000 copies given away to children around the country with the help of churches and families.

Some kids don’t know the meaning of Christmas

In publishing another 85,000 copies of The Well Good News of Christmas we’re hoping to reach the 36%* of Kiwi kids who have never seen, read or heard the story of Jesus’ birth. The book is part of our Pass It On campaign designed to encourage and equip parents, grandparents and caregivers to pass on their passion for the Bible to the next generation.

“With The Well Good News of Christmas, people have a fantastic opportunity to share the good news of Christmas with the children in their communities using a brilliantly fun book. It’s a story that is still impacting and changing lives today,” said Stephen Opie, BSNZ Programme Director.

For more details and to order, visit  Individuals can order up to five copies, while churches and organisations can order up to 250 copies.