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Easter appeal 2022
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“He has risen! He is not here.” – Mark 16:6 (NIV)

As we move into the Easter season it is once again an opportunity to remind ourselves of the remarkable event that changed the course of history and the lives of everyone who has ever believed in Him: the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

Today, it is a Hope that is needed now more than ever! It is a Hope that was born out of that first Easter Sunday when the disciples discovered the empty tomb.

That’s why our focus this Easter is on bringing the Hope of the Bible to people here in New Zealand, and in Ukraine.

  • In New Zealand, your gift could help bring the Bible to a prisoner enabling them to become crime free! drug free! and violence free! Or you could help a New Zealander connect with the Hope of Scripture by providing them with a Woven booklet or a Little Book of Hope.

  • In Ukraine, your gift will help to bring urgently needed Scriptures to those who need them most, including women, children, the elderly, and refugees. Will you help bring the Bible to people who are suffering the effects of war?

Yes I would like to help to bring Bibles to New Zealand and/or Ukraine

Easter resources for NZ


This Easter, there is an opportunity for you to delve deeper into your own journey with Jesus Christ through an eight-day devotional called Woven. This devotional will enable you to journey through Easter Week from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday reconnecting with the events of the final week of Jesus’ life. It will enable you to pause, ponder and reflect on what Jesus’ death on the cross means for you.

On your behalf, we have already gifted 10,000 copies of a printed version of Woven to individuals, churches, schools and organisations across New Zealand.

Wonder Walks

“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Luke 18:16 (NIV)

Children are not forgotten this Easter either. Make the story of Easter come alive for children you know by going on walks with them using a series of fun, interactive walking maps. The maps include Bible readings, activities, reflections, and games that you can do while out exploring nature. There are eight maps altogether, including two for Easter week. To download the maps, go to:

The Bible is…Hope

This year, we want more people to experience God’s Hope and the joy of salvation. That is why the theme for this year’s Bible Month in July 2022 is: HOPE.

It is that message of Eternal Hope that we are endeavouring to bring when, with your support, we provide Bibles through chaplaincies to prisons, hospitals, hospices, the New Zealand Police, and the Armed Services. This year, we are aiming to provide 10,000 Bibles, New Testaments and Scripture portions. The Bibles will be available in seventy languages.

This year, our New Reader literacy programme which runs in prisons also has the theme of God’s Hope. The programme teaches prisoners literacy skills while at the same time helping them connect with the Word of God.

During Bible Month we will also be providing Hope through Scripture by distributing free copies of the Little Book of Hope booklets in thirteen languages, including English and te reo Māori, through churches.

Read how prisoners are finding Hope in the Bible

In prisons, chaplains play a vital role interacting with prisoners and helping them connect with the Bible message. Here are two testimonies provided by chaplains that show how the Bible is changing the lives of prisoners.

“He had been sentenced to 20 years nonparole. He had no family in New Zealand. He had never been to church. Although, it was hard for me to see Prisoner X when he was in isolation, after his sentencing I was able to visit him more frequently.

When he first came to prison he asked me, ‘How can I right the wrong I have done?’ To him, his life felt hopeless,” says a prison chaplain.

“I gave him a Bible and a devotional booklet believing that the Bible would reveal to him that there is Hope in God. Since he began reading the Bible, he has become very enthusiastic about learning more about God’s mercy and forgiveness. He is now very engaged with the Bible and what it is saying about himself, his crime, and his future.

‘I will be a better person with the help of God,’ said Prisoner X. He is now allowed to mix with other prisoners. Although he has a long way to go, it is important to establish his life with God where he will find Hope,” says the chaplain.

Another chaplain interviewed Prisoner Y about how the Bible has impacted his life. I was enormously encouraged by what he said, and I hope you will be too.

Q. What Bible text inspires you most and why?

A. Proverbs 3:5-6; John 15:1-27. This was when I first believed and experienced Jesus Christ present with me in a cell.

Q. What is the most significant change to your life that has resulted from your Bible Study?

A. Crime free! Drug free! Violence free! This is a huge impact and transformation in my life!

Q. How are you more hopeful now that the Bible is significant in your life?

A. The hope that I have today is in Christ Jesus and to trust in God and the Holy Bible.

Q. How can you use the Bible while in prison to help other prisoners?

A. At church services. Teaching from John 3:16. Always bringing the audience back to Jesus.

Q. What is the biggest challenge for a prisoner regarding exercising his faith?

A. Trials and tribulations. Suffering for Christ.

Q. Any other comments regarding how the Bible promotes hope?

A. By trusting in the Word of God and believing in his son Jesus Christ who assures us of our Hope of salvation. Hope = eternal love!

Other Mission areas in New Zealand

Identity Identified

To help youth find their identity in Christ we are launching a New Testament survival guide entitled, Identity Identified: A Guide to the Challenges of Life. The New Testament includes Scripture helps written by Christian leaders, which address issues young people are facing today, such as loneliness, body image, helping the planet, and fake news. It also contains QR codes that the reader can scan to watch a video.

Bibles for Order of St John

This year, we will be beginning the process of producing a special-edition Bible for the Order of St John. Similar to the Bible for the New Zealand Police which we produced in 2020, this Bible will bring hope, comfort, and peace to St John staff, who are often the first responders in our health system, and its 8,000 volunteers.

Bible Translation

On the Bible translation front we have two New Zealand projects on the go. Firstly, the Tokelau Bible is in the final stages of proof-reading and typesetting with printing and the launch to follow shortly thereafter. Work is also continuing on a new Māori translation which will help bring the Word of God to a new generation of te reo Māori readers.

Bibles for Ukraine

Bibles for Ukraine
A Ukrainian mother and daughter who have received a Bible.

“We do not know what kind of Ukraine there will be in a month. We need more Bibles because there are millions of people who are moving from the east and south to the west, and who are in desperation. We have many more requests for Scriptures than we are able to provide,” says a Ukrainian Bible Society staff member.

“Things were escalating from around November, with all the troops at the border. Churches became very active, working with people, spreading the message of comfort. When the war started, we began distributing free Scriptures. The need for Scriptures is exploding exponentially!” he said.

The Ukrainian Bible Society has an important role to play as it serves as a platform to unite different church denominations and volunteer and relief organisations. At the request of Ukrainian President Zelenskyy, a special prayer event took place in St Sophia’s Cathedral in Kyiv recently. In spite of the risk of the cathedral being bombed, Christian leaders from many different churches and religious organisations, along with the Minister of Internal Affairs, gathered to pray for Ukraine.

Amidst the scenes of horror and devastation Bible Society is reaching out to traumatised people.

Its staff are working tirelessly alongside local churches and volunteer organisations to provide Scriptures and humanitarian aid to people in bomb shelters, hospitals, orphanages, and rest homes. “People are scared and depressed. These acts of kindness make a powerful impact on their hearts,” says a Bible Society representative.

For the past two years our Bible a Month Regular Giving supporters have been providing Bibles to Ukrainian chaplains for the military, who have been fighting an eight-year long war with Russia in Eastern Ukraine. Now, that conflict has escalated into a full-scale invasion, with thousands internally displaced and 2 million refugees who have fled the country. Therefore, we are now furthering our support to bring Scriptures to Ukrainian people both within the country and to Ukrainian refugees.

Videos from Ukraine

Below you will witness firsthand how the staff at the Ukrainian Bible Society are helping their fellow Ukrainians to find safe passage out of conflict zones and are helping to distribute Bibles to those seeking the hope found in the Word of God during this time of crisis.

  • In New Zealand, your gift could help bring the Bible to a prisoner enabling them to become crime free! drug free! and violence free! Or you could help a New Zealander connect with the Hope of Scripture by providing them with a Woven booklet or a Little Book of Hope.

  • In Ukraine, your gift will help to bring urgently needed Scriptures to those who need them most, including women, children, the elderly, and refugees. Will you help bring the Bible to people who are suffering the effects of war?

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