Bibles for orphans in India

Bringing the love of Jesus into the lives of India’s orphans

Together with the Bible Society in India (BSI), we are bringing the love of Jesus and the hope of the Bible into the lives of abandoned and orphaned children. Through this work, many children will encounter Jesus for the first time!

As well, many needy children will receive Scripture notebooks, school bags, and shoes.

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About this appeal

By partnering with us in this mission, you’ll help bring God’s Word into the lives of some of India’s most needy and disadvantaged children.

India’s Population: 1.3 billion
Number of Orphans: 20 million

This year, children will receive:

  • Children’s Bibles – 88,000
  • Notebooks – 25,000
  • School Bags – 10,000
  • Pairs of Shoes – 3,000

Project Reach:

  • Children Reached: 250,000
  • Children Committed to Christ: 60,000

Latha Prasanna’s mission – I want to save children

Latha Prasanna

Latha Prasanna, 46, is the director of an orphanage in Bangalore.

“My husband is a chaplain in a Christian hospital,” says Latha. Her desire to help children came after she watched a child die from tuberculosis.

“For me, it all started when there was a tuberculosis epidemic in India. The government was looking for volunteers to go door-to-door to check people for tuberculosis. I started doing that.

“One of the families I visited had lost seven members. The five-year-old son became infected with tuberculosis. I took him to hospital, but, unfortunately, the doctors couldn’t help him. He died a few days later.

“On that day I decided I wanted to save children. I took home children with tuberculosis. I also took street children with me. Some of these children had never been to school.

“We currently have 36 children living in this home – 24 girls and 12 boys. Four are orphans. The others have either lost a parent or been abandoned by their parents.

“Every morning we have a devotion and we tell the children Bible stories. We want these children who have been abandoned by their parents to know the love of God.

“Over the years I have helped 150 children. I try to transfer my vision to them, so that when they leave here at 17, they go on to Bible school, or to help other orphaned children like themselves.”

Alice’s testimony


“I have heard that my mother was a good mother before she became ill. However, she had psychological problems. She could no longer take care of me and my two brothers. My father left at that time as well.

“We ended up on the street. I was four years old. I had no food and no clean clothes. I was skinny and suffering from tuberculosis. I could not hold on any longer.

“But then Latha plucked me off the street. She took me to hospital. I took a month to recover. No one came to see me, neither my parents nor brothers. Mother Latha took care of me and paid for everything that was needed.

“Then I went with her to the children’s home. I was five years old. When I came here everything changed in my life. I am well taken care of here. I go to school and I learn healthy habits and good manners.

“Of course, I have a lot of grief when I think of my parents and my two brothers. But Mother Latha comforts me and prays for me. Then the feelings of sadness go away again. Later, like Latha, I want to take care of poor children.

“Mother Latha tells us many Bible stories. Job is my favourite Bible story. I really think of him as an example. Job was in deep trouble. He literally lost everything and everyone. Yet he continued to trust God. That is a lesson for me: do not rely on people, but on God.”

Dharsan’s testimony

Dharsan with his Bible

I have lived in this children’s home since I was eight,” says Dharsan, now 12-years-old. That was when our father left our family. After that my mother couldn’t take care of us, so she gave us up. My sisters are in a home about 70 kilometres from here. I ended up here through a social worker.

“I am really enjoying myself here. I am well taken care of. Latha (the orphanage director) is like a mother to me. It’s nice that I can go back to school. My favourite subject is learning my language, Kannada.

“My real mother comes to visit now and then. Fortunately, things are going well with her. I hope to be able to return to her in a few years.

“I really like the Bible stories. My favourite story is the story of Zacchaeus, the tax collector, who climbed into the tree to listen to Jesus. Even though he was hidden, Jesus could still see him. One day, I hope to be able to tell people about Jesus and save their lives.”

Want to read more testimonies like these? View the full appeal publication here.

Bibles bring joy in orphanage

“In the midst of the many challenges in their lives the children may see the light through the Scriptures provided to them by Bible Society India,” says Mrs Anjana Roy.

She’s in charge of a boys’ and girls’ home run by the Church of North India. It’s located in Sundarban, the largest delta in the world, famous for its mangrove swamps.

Sadly though, this area is also known to be one of India’s hottest hubs for trafficking girls into the sex trade. All children who live here, both girls and boys, are vulnerable to child trafficking.

That’s why the children in this orphanage are so grateful to be under the protective care of their warden and church leaders. Their daily devotion helps them to grow in their faith, and when they all received a Bible recently, one of their very own that they could write their name in, they were all very happy and excited.

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