Bible Grants

Each year we give away more than 50,000 Bibles, New Testaments and Scripture portions to groups all over New Zealand.

We work closely with partner organisations and churches including Habitat for Humanity, The Interchurch Council for Hospital Chaplaincy, the New Zealand Defence Force (Navy New Testaments pictured above) and the New Zealand Police to bring the Bible to those that may never have encountered it before.

“Hardly a day goes by without a request for a Bible or New Testament.  We feel that your ministry is a critical component to the ministry of chaplaincy in this prison.”

Graham Lapslie, Prison Chaplain

This is only made possible thanks to the generosity of our supporters.  In our 2020 financial year, their support enabled us to distribute the following in New Zealand.

  • 2,936 Bibles
  • 406 New Testaments
  • 9,601 Scripture items
  • 229 Bibles, New Testaments and resources for hospitals
  • 2,567 Bibles for prisons

Bible Grants for Prisons

Bible Society and PCSANZ have a long-serving partnership in the supply of Bibles and Bible resources to New Zealand prisons. In the 2015/2016 financial year, we freely supplied 4,291 Bibles, New Testaments and Scripture portions to prisoners.

“Thank you for having a passion for the Word and ministering to men in this way. There is a hunger for the truth in this place and we have the privilege of presenting the Word in all sorts of ways to them.”  Chaplain Graham Lapslie