Field Guide To The Bible

Have you ever wanted a handbook for the Bible?

Well, it’s here! ‘The Field Guide to the Bible’ will help you make some sense of what can be a complicated and challenging book.

We made ‘The Field Guide to the Bible’ in response to the key questions raised by young people in our research. Many told us that they don’t understand the Bible, find reading it hard and have no idea where to even start. Well, now there’s a practical field guide here to help.

Covering topics like where to start reading, how to hear from God through the Bible and how the Bible story fits together, ‘The Field Guide to the Bible’ will help you uncover the story and learn how to make the Bible an important part of your life.

Purchase your copy of ‘The Field Guide to the Bible’ from Manna for only $9.99.

Look inside 'The Field Guide to the Bible'

The Field Guide to the Bible NLT Combo pack

Everything you need to help you dive into the Bible! This pack contains ‘The Field Guide to the Bible’, plus a companion NLT trutone cover Bible. The NLT Bible contains: Presentation Page, full National Anthem of New Zealand in English and Māori, ‘Where to look for Help’ section, ‘Where can I Find it’ (Key stories of the Bible), a Dictionary/ Concordance, ‘Great Chapters of the Bible’ , ‘Great verses of the Bible’ to Memorise and a 365 page Bible Reading Plan and maps section.

We talked to Kiwi YouTube star Caleb Jack about the delicious new combo and he made this video for us!