Bringing the hope of the Bible to Rwanda

2020 fundraising appeal – Rwanda

Last year, the donations from our generous supporters enabled the life-transforming message of the Bible to be delivered to youths in Rwandan refugee camps and corrections centers (discover how in the stories below).

Once again this year we’ve pledged to continue this life-transforming work, which you can support by making a donation at the bottom of the page or by clicking ‘Donate Now’.

Our pledge to help: $42,000

Project Goals:

  • Impact 17,833 people
  • 3,850 youth Bibles
  • 360 youth trained
  • 1,200 training resources

The current situation in Rwanda

Rwanda is a country of 12 million people. Of these, 148,000 are refugees. In 1996, Rwanda opened its first camp to accommodate tens of thousands of refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

In 2015, it experienced another influx of refugees from Burundi due to election-related violence. In response it established the Mahama Refugee Camp in Kirehe, Eastern Province, Rwanda, now host to 60,000 refugees.

Life in this camp is hard. Many young Burundian refugees are alone and suffering from issues such as separation from family, trauma and grief. To reach out to them the Bible Society of Rwanda created its Scriptures for Youth in Refugee Camps and Correction Centres project.

Working with government agencies, Corrections Services and church leaders, the project aims to run Bible programmes for youth to provide them with Bibles, to bring about spiritual rehabilitation and positive behaviour change in their lives.

Elivis Nizigiyimana’s story

Elivis Nizigiyimana, 23-years-old

During the conflicts in my own country I was almost killed. I came here to Rwanda to a refugee camp.

One of the hardest experiences of my life has been being alone here without any parents or relatives. I felt like I was an island. I was full of sorrow. Because of the bad life in the camp, I wanted to return home, but I was not sure if I would be safe.

I accepted the invitation to join the Bible Society programme because I was unoccupied from morning to evening. I started reading and learning the Word of God. I joined the Bible Youth Club. The programme met me when I was unhappy and had no joy. This programme has saved my life. Even though my current life isn’t smooth, if I hadn’t received the Word of God I would be in prison.

I used to attend church services empty handed without a Bible, and I felt so ashamed. Now that I have my own Bible, I feel I am more valued by my surrounding community because I can share the Word of God with them.”

Anicet Nkunzimana’s story

“The Bible I have, its value is beyond cash.” – Anicet Nkunzimana

In my family, we were eight children. My mother died when I was young. We were raised by my father, who died from kidney cancer in 2014. Because of the ethnic conflict in Burundi, people were being killed, including in my family.

We went into exile. We became separated from each other. I came here to this hard life in the Mahama Refugee Camp.

I was living in bad conditions, isolated because I was feeling irritated and emotionally hurt. I was worried that I could die at any time.

Then a pastor told us Bible Society had brought good news for youth – Bibles! I was very happy when I received a Bible. I remembered that God had protected me when someone had tried to kill me.

Since I received my Bible, I feel released and peaceful. I took the decision to hand my life into God’s hands. I confess I have been changed by the Word of God and now I am proud to share the Word of God in my group. I feel more encouraged and valuable in my community. I feel confident now and have hope for life.

You can help bring Bibles to youth camps and correction centres, so they can experience the life-transforming message of the Bible.

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