Cuba – One Million Bibles

Announcement – PROJECT COMPLETE!

Bible Society has achieved its goal of distributing 1,000,000 Bibles to Christians in Cuba! An official function to celebrate this remarkable achievement took place in Havana in June 2018. For more information, please click here.

In the last 10 years, the church in Cuba has been growing at a rapid rate. The problem is, there aren’t enough Bibles to go around, particularly for new believers. The Bible Commission of Cuba (Bible Society) is the only entity in Cuba that distributes Bibles to all churches. However, they are unable to meet the demand for Bibles, and need our help.

Through this project, The Bible Commission of Cuba aims to not only provide adults with good quality Bibles, but ensure that the children and youth of Cuba have access to appropriate Scriptures and resources to help them establish their Christian faith. They’ll also be supplying pastors attending seminars with Study Bibles and large print Bibles for the elderly.


Cuba is the largest of the islands in the Caribbean. The church in Cuba has been growing for at least 50 years, with rapid growth occurring in the past two decades.  This is due to a reduction in control of church activities since 1990.  Cuba is now a secular rather than an atheist state and discrimination against Christians is illegal. The Catholic Church was re-energised by the visit in 1998 of Pope John Paul II. Protestant numbers have climbed three-fold in the past ten years to around 6% of the entire population.

The Bible Commission of Cuba estimates that 40% of believers do not have access to a Bible and around 35% have an old Bible in a reasonable state of disrepair.

Our pledge

Bible Society New Zealand has pledged to support The Bible Commission of Cuba in supplying Bibles to the church there in 2018. Will you help us in this critical task?

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