Israel – sharing God’s love with refugees, migrants and foreign workers


  • Current Population: 8,174,000
  • Population under 25 years old: 43%
  • Languages: Hebrew (official), Arabic, English
  • Religion: Jewish 74.8%, Muslim 17.6%, Christian 2%, Druze 1.6%


There are thousands of refugees and foreign workers in Israel. Many are living in extremely difficult circumstances and have experienced great trauma in their lives. Through this project, the Bible Society in Israel and their partners will offer holistic outreach programmes to these people, including those in prison, by providing them with the Word of God in their own language along with essential supplies, prayers, emotional support and guidance.

Working with local partner organisations, the Bible Society will engage with people who are far from their homelands and support their spiritual growth, encouraging those who come to faith to reach out and minister to fellow migrants. This creates an opportunity to support the building of the body of Christ in their home countries as they return, strengthened in faith, to their local communities. The Bible Society in Israel is aiming to reach 6,000 people during 2017.

Partner organisations

The Bible Society will be partnering with local churches, local Government organisations and the Prison ministry organisation. These partner organisations will provide food and essential supplies, and will help with distribution logistics.

Our pledge

Bible Society New Zealand has pledged to support the Bible Society in Israel in helping reach refugees, migrants and foreign workers with Bible resources and care packages.  Will you help us in this critical task?

Make a donation

If you would like to make a donation to help with this project you can use the form below.  We greatly appreciate all those who are able to help us in this mission.

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