Israel – sharing God’s love with refugees, migrants and foreign workers

Doors open for the Bible and the Good News of Jesus in Israel

Reaching out to the people of Israel with the Bible and the good news of Jesus is possible today like never before. There is a growing openness in the country along with growing collaboration from local believers.

Bible Society Israel (BSI) is making the most of the current atmosphere with its outreach programmes to people from all walks of life: Jews, Arabs, secular and religious. They’re giving them the Bible and biblical outreach material in Hebrew, Arabic and other local spoken languages such as Russian, Amharic, English and French.

A mobile distribution and ministering unit is used weekly in different locations as well as at major events five to ten times a year. Last year more than 30,000 Scripture items were given away.

Victor Kalisher leads the Bible Society work in Israel. He is an inspirational and courageous leader who leads from the front. We have pledged our support to Victor and his team for 2018 as they continue to share the Bible with Israelis and the many migrants living in the Holy Land.


  • Current Population: 8,174,000
  • Population under 25 years old: 43%
  • Languages: Hebrew (official), Arabic, English
  • Religion: Jewish 74.8%, Muslim 17.6%, Christian 2%, Druze 1.6%
  • Bible Society began work in Israel: 1816
  • Bible Society officially formed: 1966

Victor Kalisher

Victor Kalisher (left)

Victor is passionate about the Bible and has been heading up Bible mission in Israel for many years.

Victor (in the picture on the left), who trained as an electrical engineer by trade, joined Bible Society because it was a calling on his life. “I knew I would serve the Lord full-time. I knew it from my childhood.” “My father is a holocaust survivor,” said Victor. “He then went through the Independence War and with no surviving family or any worldly goods left he came to faith by receiving a Bible. He started reading it and realised there was a God in spite of everything he had been through, and, actually because of that, he realised there is God.

“The Word of God is living and it changes lives. I’ve seen it through the life of my father. He was never bitter. I saw how God worked in his heart. So for me, I know the Lord can change lives through his word.”

Outreach partners

Working with partner organisations at popular events is a key way of reaching people with the Bible, explains Victor. One outreach event where large quantities of scriptures were distributed was at the beach in Tel Aviv, with Emanuel Church. There is an historical church site nearby which attracts thousands of visitors, he explained.

They’ve also been to the Israel hike trail at the Baptist Village and the Shelter Hostel in Eilat, again places where migrants and visitors gather.

“The scope and the impact of our work here in Israel in strengthening,”
Victor Kalisher

Reaching Israelis with the Bible

Victor says reaching local Israelis is happening more and more with partners such as Christ Church and Beit Gemal Monastery. In addition, local believers are joining outreaches and sometimes initiating one-on-one conversations themselves, and then giving away Scriptures supplied by BSI.

Victor shares about one of his outreach visits…

“It’s not often a group of Israelis invite us to share our faith with them, so when this invitation came I was glad. I verified with the group leader if he really knew he was inviting a Jew who believed in Jesus to share about his faith.

“Going to the group I was praying God would give me the right words and courage to be bold about the gospel. As I started explaining key scriptures from the Bible, I could see they were interested and even wanted to know more. I was so encouraged and amazed. I offered them audio Bibles and they were delighted to receive them.”

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