Shining God’s Light of Love in Morocco and Algeria

The Persecuted Church in North Africa

Did you know there are parts of the world where followers of Christ are still facing persecution from the community and even their family?

That’s certainly the case in Morocco and Algeria.

That’s why we’re currently working closely with the Bible Societies in each of those countries to make the Word of God more accessible to those who seek.

In Morocco, you can help supply free Bibles to local Christians.

In Algeria you can help provide the illiterate and the blind with audio Scriptures, known as Megavoice players.

Below you’ll discover more about the current situation in Morocco and Algeria, our Bible work in each country and the difference your support would make.

Thank you in advance for keeping this region in your prayers and for any contribution that will pave the way for God’s Word to enter the hearts and minds of his people.

To make a contribution to help the persecuted church in Morocco and Algeria, just click the ‘Donate Now’ button below and then select your gift amount on the form (a donation of $5 or more is eligible for a tax credit).

Our pledge to help: $58,000

The current situation in Morocco and Algeria

Morocco and Algeria are north African countries on the Mediterranean that share a land border. Today, they are 99% Muslim countries, making them two of the most difficult countries in the world in which to carry out Bible mission.

To be a Christian in these countries means living with persecution from both family and community. Despite that, people are coming to Christ. So eager are they to hear God’s Word they rise at 4am to travel to church. They meet in people’s homes or in the mountains.

Many begin their faith journey by watching Christian TV, which provides the Bible Society phone number.

Bible Society is the only source of Bibles in these countries.

Bible Mission in Morocco

Supply free Bibles to persecuted Christians.

Even though Christianity is regarded as a foreign religion and the Bible is considered to be distorted and corrupt, Christianity is growing in Morocco!

It’s estimated there are around 40,000 Christians in Morocco, though some say there are tens of thousands more hidden believers who keep their faith a secret.

That’s because even giving someone a Bible can land you in jail in Morocco!

This is something the Head of the Moroccan Bible Society has experienced, having been imprisoned several times during his time in leadership.

In spite of these threats, the Bible Society of Morocco receives up to 100 requests each week from people who want a Bible to learn more about Jesus.

Unfortunately, the people in Morocco cannot afford to buy Bibles and their Bible Society does not have the resources to supply them for free.

Can you prayerfully partner with us to help bring Bibles to the people of Morocco?

For just $36 you will provide 3 Bibles to Christians in Morocco.

Bible Mission in Algeria

Providing Megavoice players (audio Bibles) to illiterate and visually impaired Christians.

A husband and wife who are shepherds in Kabylie with Megavoice players.

In Algerian law a woman remains a minor throughout her whole life, and she always has a guardian whether it be her father, her brother (even if he is younger), her uncle or her husband.

Many girls are never sent to school. They remain illiterate acting as ‘slaves’ first to their parents, then to their husbands working in the home and raising the children. They may be beaten and are never allowed to leave the house or go to church.

Yet, it’s often the woman in the family who is the first to watch a Christian TV channel. Or she may listen to Christian radio secretly late at night using earphones while her husband is asleep.

Algerian women are very drawn to verses such as Galatians 3:28:

There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus (NIV).

The idea that they are equal with men before God is radical and liberating. Jesus becomes their friend, someone that they talk to every day.

These women are typical of those who are in desperate need of audio Megavoice players (audio Scriptures).

They are illiterate, they stay at home and never go out by themselves. Even if an Algerian woman has been fortunate enough to attend primary school, she’ll still be unable to read the highly literate form of Arabic that the Bible is written in.

That’s why Bible Society is distributing Megavoice players in Algeria.

These players contain audio Scriptures, which include the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs in colloquial Arabic, Berber/Kabyle and French.

Can you partner with us to bring the spoken Word of God to those desperately seeking His comforting message?

To deliver these Megavoice players into the hands of illiterate or visually imparied Christians in Algeria costs $61 per player.

Samira’s Story

Samira, who is blind, has been able to engage with the Bible through her megavoice player.

Five years ago Samira became a Christian. She had been persecuting a Christian girl, who then shared the Gospel with her!

After she became a Christian, Samira’s family made life difficult for her, but then they were so amazed by the changes in her they became Christians, too!

Aldjia’s Testimony

Aldjia, became a Christian after her son was cured of all his addictions when he came to faith.

“I can’t read, but I listen to the Bible on my audio recorder every day, and it brings me so much joy! I especially find comfort in listening to the Psalms, but what touched me the most at first was God’s love for me. This was unheard of!” says Aldjia.

Be part of Bible Society’s impactful Bible mission in Morocco and Algeria.

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Donations of $5 or more are eligible for a tax credit.

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