Christians in South Sudan need Bibles

Bringing the hope of the Bible to South Sudan.

This year we’ve pledged to support the Bible Society in South Sudan to bring Bibles to rural Christians living in camps and villages.

Below, you’ll learn more about the current situation in South Sudan and how the Bible message plays a crucial role in bringing hope to the local community.

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Civil war turns Sudanese to Christ

Out of the crucible of war in South Sudan which brought death, destruction and displacement in its wake, has come one of the most remarkable church-growth movements in modern times.

Since the 1980s, when Sudan became embroiled in a civil war that lasted from 1983 – 2005, there has been an explosion of Christianity amongst people groups in South Sudan.

Dinka Pastor with her Bible

Take the Dinka people, for example, a pastoral people who dwell among the grasslands and swamps of South Sudan. Young people, especially young men, became local evangelists. Trained in night classes in the towns, and in the refugee camps of Ethiopia, they became literate specifically to read and teach the Bible in Dinka. They led Bible studies in the army and founded churches and schools in remote areas of South Sudan.

It’s a story which has been repeated many times amongst other people groups of South Sudan, to the point where 90 percent of the population now profess Christianity.

But today the Christian population in this war-ravaged country is desperately in need of Bibles.

Two years after the country achieved independence in 2011, it descended into a five-year civil war, which saw 400,000 people killed and 1.75 million displaced.

Presently, the country is facing many challenges including an unstable political context, high inflation rates and food shortages. There are 194,000 people living in U.N. camps, and 6.9 million people (67 percent of the population) are facing food insecurity.

In the midst of this the Bible Society in South Sudan is working to bring Bibles to rural Christians living in camps and villages. Traumatised by war and hunger, they desperately need the hope, comfort and strength that the Bible message brings. Some Bibles will be provided at low cost, but the greatest need is for free Bible distribution.

You can reach Christians who are in great need of free Bible distribution. Thank you for prayerfully considering how you can help bring the Bible to people in South Sudan and Rwanda .

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