New Zealand Projects

Across New Zealand, Bibles lie abandoned on bookshelves.

A new generation is emerging with very little knowledge of the Bible.  Our passion is to change this.  We’re working to shape our nation’s future by encouraging people to engage with the Bible to build a culture transformed by the Bible.  We do this by…

  • Partnering with churches and organisations working directly with the next generation
  • Advocating for the Bible in New Zealand culture
  • Equipping ministry leaders with customised Bible resources

By 2020, our aim is to help 100,000 children and young people engage with the Bible.  Here are some of the ways we plan to do this…

Bible Month

Bible Month is all about encouraging Christians in New Zealand to make the Bible an important part of their faith journey. Each year we work with hundreds of churches to promote the Bible and distribute resources to help people do this. In 2017, our Bible Month campaign will include some study resources so you and your church can read and talk about the Bible together.

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Pass It On

In 2015 we launched the Pass It On campaign – designed to resource parents and grandparents to pass the Bible on to the children in their lives. We’ve produced some creative mobile apps, Bible reading plans, Bible research, special children’s Bibles in English and Māori, and kids’ milestone packs to help with this.

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Bible grants

Each year we give away more than 50,000 Bibles, New Testaments, Scripture portions and leaflets to groups all over New Zealand.  We work closely with partner organisations to bring the Bible to those that may never have encountered it before.

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The Aetherlight

Developed by an Auckland game studio, The Aetherlight is a web-based gaming platform that delivers Bible content to teens and pre-teens within an allegorical world called AethasiaThe Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance aims to help youth see their story in the context of God’s story via a world grounded in the Biblical narrative.

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Easter camps

Each year, Bible Society partners with Easter camp organisers throughout the country to deliver innovative specially designed Scripture products for youth.  These products are given away for free and are designed to help young people connect the ancient story of Scripture with their lives in 21st century New Zealand.

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The Big Little Bible

Developed in New Zealand, The Big Little Bible mobile app and hardcover book has been beautifully illustrated by a Kiwi artist using a one-line drawing technique.  By following the line through each story, children learn more about how the stories of the Bible fit together. This is a great stepping stone between a Bible storybook and a real Bible for kids.

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