Bible 2020

Bible 2020 is for everyone, everywhere

Imagine a world-wide community speaking the words of the Bible together across cities, towns, villages, streets and continents. Lives will be changed! The idea is simple: a smart phone app will deliver daily readings for a year, that can be accessed in multiple languages, providing Bible access across the world. Together we will read, speak and hear the words of the Bible each day, sharing our experience on a global platform.

Bible 2020 kicks off on January 1st, 2020 – in New Zealand!

How you can be involved:

  • Commit to reading the Bible aloud each day throughout the year.
  • Community groups can gather together to read the Bible aloud, sharing in fellowship and spurring one another on. This may be church groups, work colleagues, school groups, friends, families, everywhere or anywhere people come together.
  • Create an event for a wider audience, enabling more people to be involved, hearing the Bible read aloud in your community.

Coming soon…

  • The Smartphone App needed to provide access to the global Bible reading plan. This will include a choice of language, of Bible translation and a daily text notification.
  • The Bible 2020 website will also host the daily Bible reading plan alongside giving people the opportunity to share their experience on a global platform.

Return to this website as we will post the latest news and resources as they become ready.

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