The Big Little Bible

For children, taking the step from Bible storybook to a full Bible is an important one. That’s why we’ve developed The Big Little Bible.

This unique book and app for children helps developing young minds discover more about how the big story of the Bible fits together.  It also helps them get used to reading real Bible text.

The Big Little Bible features 30 of the most popular stories taken straight from the easy-to-read Contemporary English Version as well as over full-colour 100 illustrations.  Each of the 30 stories also contains thought-provoking questions to help children and adults talk about the story together.

The Big Little Bible is available as a free app for Android and Apple mobile devices and also as a hardcover book (available from Bible Society for $19.99).

You can download The Big Little Bible app at the New Zealand Apple and Google Play stores now – just search for Big Little Bible.

Email or call Bible Society to purchase the book (0800 4BIBLES or

Esther approaches King Xerxes

Paul encounters Jesus on the road to Damascus

About the illustrations

Each illustration is made with one continuous line, which then joins with the next illustration, and the next, representing the one story than runs through the Bible from beginning to end. Drawn by kiwi artist Meesh Holswich, the illustrations took more than six months to complete.  For Meesh, the project was like a dream come true. “God gave me the heart to draw and I have been drawing non-stop since I was a child,” she says.

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