Help bring a kete of Scripture resources to Kiwis

New Zealand Appeal, 2020

There is a Māori proverb that says:

“He aha te mea nui o te ao? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata.”
“What is the most important thing in the world? It is people, it is people, it is people.”

This sums up what is at the heart of our current Easter appeal: people, people, people.

This year, we want to reach the one in three Kiwis, who are either ‘not sure’ or ‘believe in God but are not religious’, with the Scriptures.

With your support, we want to develop a kete of Scripture resources, including Bibles, Tārore’s Story, the new reader programme, and the audio Bible in Māori, to enable us to reach New Zealanders with the Word of God, particularly Māori.

The Scripture resources included in the kete:

Tārore’s Story

This book is already impacting lives in prisons and through other ministries.

Based on the true story of a 12-year old Māori girl called Tārore, who was murdered in the Waikato in 1838, this remarkable story tells the tale of reconciliation and healing that took place following her death.

With your help, we want to reach many more with its gospel message of reconciliation and healing by printing and distribute a further 10,000 copies of Tārore’s Story for use in prisons and other ministries.

A large number of the men that we chaplains see on a daily basis are struggling to forgive those who have hurt them in the past. This is an excellent opportunity for us to share Tārore’s Story.” – Joseph Martin (Chaplain, Waikeria Prison).

New Reader Programme

Secondly, we want to print a second study guide to accompany Tārore’s Story, based on the theme of peace.

The book, Tārore’s Story, combined with study guides one and two form the basis of the new reader programme.

So far, 15 groups are involved with this programme, nine of which are in correctional facilities.

The programme helps prisoners engage with the Gospel of Luke using easy-to-understand language and ideas.

It is also being used by church and community groups, such as Celebrate Recovery, a programme which helps people struggling with hurt and addiction.

With your support, we can provide 300 copies of the new reader programme (Tārore’s Story and two study guides) to prisons, churches and community groups this year.

The study opened the guys’ eyes to the fact that forgiveness moves at different speeds.
One of them had committed a stabbing, then after serving time happened to meet his victim at church. The offender was very apologetic and hoping to be forgiven. He wasn’t! It was only through this study – several years later – that he was able to reveal his hurt about the situation and receive God’s healing,” – Tin (church leader, Victory Outreach Church).

Audio Bible in Māori

Following the success of the Audio Bible in English, we now want to begin work on an audio Bible in Māori.

Te Paipera Tapu (the Holy Bible in Māori) has come a long way since the very first publication of the full Bible in Māori in 1868. We hope this proposed audio version will also be integrated with Bible Society’s Māori Bible mobile app

Your faithful support will enable us to initiate this work in partnership with organisations and churches such as the Anglican Church.

We know that faith comes by hearing and we know that God calls us to proclaim the Gospel. Therefore, one of the greatest gifts we can offer is Scripture in the language of the listener’s heart.” – The Venerable Stephen Black (Diocesan Director of Mission, Education & Vocations, Waikato & Taranaki Anglicans).

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