Milestone Packs

Celebrating milestones is a great way for churches and families to pass on faith to the next generation.

It takes meaningful moments and links them to our lifelong faith journey. It’s a way of saying to a child “You are important. This moment is important and God is part of this moment too.”

It helps us all remember God’s presence in our everyday lives. By celebrating these special moments together with the church and family, the church is able to highlight the important role of parents in passing on faith and the partnership families have with the church in doing this.

Bible Society has two milestone packs available, a Starting School pack and a First Bible pack. Each of these packs will include a Bible or Bible storybook to gift along with a certificate, ideas for celebrating the milestone including a blessing, prayer and Scripture, and an equipping resource for parents.

Starting School milestone pack

Going off to school for the first time is an exciting milestone for children and their families. As children begin school and learn lots of new things, we want them to know that it is their learning about Jesus, and how much he loves them that is the most important learning of all. The important role of parents in teaching their children about Jesus by reading them Bible stories is highlighted in the Starting School milestone pack. $18.00 including freight

First Bible milestone pack

Presenting a child with a first Bible is one of the most meaningful steps in helping a child develop a personal relationship with Jesus. It’s so important for both the church and the home to help foster a child’s love for God’s Word… because nothing has the power to shape a child’s life like the Bible. $18.00 including freight

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